Google Pixel 7: What we want to see?

The Google Pixel 7 might sideways with the iPhone 14 being one of the greatest exhilarating phones of late 2022. Yes, late 2022, so it’s an approach off yet, but the very first leaks are now preparatory to perform, and it’s certainly not too premature to surprise discerning around what we want from Google’s next flagship smartphone.

That’s what you’ll get in this post a huge wish list comprising the key features and advancements that we want the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro to provide, in order to mark them as the finest phones probable.

But that’s not everything, before that you’ll discover the whole thing that we’ve perceived about the Google Pixel 7 range till now, comprising info on its announcement date, price and specs. We’ll also be tallying to this article each time we hear anything new on this upcoming flagship smartphone of google so keep visiting our site or save this URL as a bookmark for further information.


Google Pixel 7 release date and price

The Google Pixel 7 will perhaps be declared sometime in October 2022. There aren’t any rumours saying that but every preceding model was revealed in October of their release year, except the Google Pixel 5, which was proclaimed on 30th September so practically on October.

Whenever the Pixel 7 range is declared, it’s expected to go on sale a week or two advanced based on past form but also undoubtedly before the end of October 2022.

As for the amount, it might well decrease unevenly in line with the Pixel 6 range. The normal model starts at $599 / £599 / AU$999, while the Pixel 6 Pro starts at $899 / £849 / AU$1,299.

Google Pixel 7

News and leaks on Google Pixel 7

We have previously received a few things about the Google Pixel 7, comprising that it might expectedly be driven by the second generation of the Google Tensor chipset, which we’ll know as the Tensor 2 for suitability.

Confirmation of that has been originating in Android code, as has an indication of ‘Cloudripper’, which is alleged to be a baseboard or inventor board that the Pixel 7 might use.

Earlier the Pixel 6 range was even released there was also an indication of the Pixel 7 found by XDA Developers in the Google Camera app. The upcoming phone seems to have the nickname ‘pipit’, and there’s only one model revealed, which could mean there won’t be a Pixel 7 Pro.

The code in the app proposes that the Pixel 7 will have most of the identical camera structures as the Pixel 6, and that it will have an ultra-wide lens, but there’s no declaration of a telephoto one. That alleged, the source notes that it’s too premature to be assured this version of the Google Camera app really lists Pixel 7 features, let only that the list is comprehensive.

Lastly, we’ve also seen a Google manifest for an under-display camera, so it’s probable that the Pixel 7 will have this feature. But patents don’t always get cast-off, and when they do it’s occasionally years after they appear, so don’t tally on it.

Google Pixel 7

What do people want to see on this upcoming Google Pixel 7?

The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are the most exhilarating Google phones in years, but they’re far from perfect, so we want to see the following modifications for the Pixel 7 range.

Better battery life  

In our reviews, we planned the battery life as an undesirable point of both the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro. It’s not awful, but it’s definitely average, so it could be a lot improved.

For the Pixel 7 choice then we want enhanced battery life. Google is expanding a custom chipset that’s apparently been planned from the ground up for these phones, and it makes the software that they run too, so we’d consider it would be well situated to make the Pixel range power effective.

And if it can’t accomplish that, then just stick on a superior battery in. Either way, we don’t want to be perturbing that we might not get to the end of the day without charging.

More Power

The Google Tensor chipset at the heart of the Pixel 6 is one of the most sensational facets of the phone, as this is the first time Google has used a custom chipset rather than an off-the-shelf Qualcomm one.

Yet, while Google has spoken a big up for about Tensor, its performance in standards isn’t a competition for the best competitors, like the Snapdragon 888 powering the OnePlus 9 and Samsung Galaxy S21.

Benchmarks aren’t the whole thing of course, but we’d definitely like the Google Tensor 2 to display rawer power, so it can straight contest with the finest rival silicon.

Longer support  

Earlier to the launch of the Pixel 6 range it was rumoured that Google would provide five years of Android updates for these phones, but in preparation, it only assured five years of security covers, along with three years of Android updates.

While that’s at least as decent as Android rivals, it’s no match for iPhones, which sometimes get even more than five years of operating system updates.

Some other firms can opinion to the chipsets in their phones as allotment them back, as the chipset manufacturer also preferably wants to support updates for a prolonged period, but with Google making its own chipset now, it doesn’t have that justification. In fact, it doesn’t have any explanation, so we’ll be very disenchanted if the Pixel 7 isn’t reinforced for lengthier.

A better fingerprint scanner

The Pixel 6 range is the first Google phone to have an under-display fingerprint scanner, but we marked in our Pixel 6 Pro evaluation that the execution is far from flawless.

We create that it would sometimes take numerous efforts to unlock, apparently because it’s choosier than some phones about precisely where you place your finger. So for the Pixel 7, we want this levelled out so that the fingerprint scanner dependably and quickly works.

A longer, variable zoom

The Google Pixel 6 doesn’t have a telephoto camera at all, and while the Pixel 6 Pro does, it only zooms to 4x.

For the Pixel 7 or at least the Pixel 7 Pro, we want to get the zoom comprehensive to 10x, like on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. But we don’t want just 10x zoom like before, we need it also to optically zoom to 2x or 3x, or preferably to even be able to optically zoom at every level up to 10x, so you have ultimate zooming litheness.

This is currently everything that we have heard on the Google Pixel 7. What’s your thought on this upcoming flagship smartphone of Google? What’s your expectation from this upcoming phone? Let us know in the comment section.

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