Google Pixel 6 problems all the known problems and solutions

No doubt the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are great phones, each achieving the highest standard in our reviews, but they’ve also suffered from many surprising numbers of glitches, with users complaining about all sorts of problems with the devices.

Below, we’ve listed some of the key issues that have been reported, along with facts of any possible fixes for them, be these things that you can apply now or go for the software updates to resolve these problems.

Unfortunately, there are no known fixes for all the reported issues till now, but we’ll update this article if we got some things special and truly work to resolve these issues.

Pixel 6


The unreliable fingerprint scanner of Pixel 6

One of the most common complaints about the Pixel 6 range is that the fingerprint scanners don’t work very well. The response can be sluggish and they will frequently fail, as we found ourselves in reviewing these phones.

Google has talked about the sluggishness part of the issue and recommended that you press decisively, make sure the display is clear of dirt and smudges, and if you have extremely dry fingers moisturize and retry again!

As of now, there aren’t any appropriate fixes, with Google claiming that it’s slow because of “improved security algorithms”, but it’s conceivable that Google might ultimately be able to augment those algorithms to swift things up in near future.

Broken fingerprint scanners

Maybe the utmost worrying problem agonised by Pixel 6 users is that the fingerprint scanner allegedly disruptions if you let the battery run flat.

This can be resolved, but now the one and only thing you can do which is none other than the factory resetting of your phone and if the battery runs flat once more then you might agonise this problem all over another time. It seems this problem doesn’t distress every Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, but a huge number of people have reported it.

The good news is that meanwhile, a factory reset resolves this it’s seemingly a software problem rather than a hardware one, which means Google will expectantly be able to offer a more enduring software fix down the line, but till now there is no such fixes released by Google Pixel.

Screen issues

Users have conveyed a number of problems with the screen on the Pixel 6 range, with some complaining that the screen flickers when pressing the power button while the phone is off, and others reporting a green shade to the display.

Though there’s no news on a solution for the greenish tint, Google has recognised the flickering, saying that the problem can occur if you don’t press the power button hard enough to turn on the phone.

To avoid the issue, simply hold the power button down until your Pixel handset switches on. Google also plans a proper fix for this in a December software update.

Slow charging

The Pixel 6 range can evidently charge at up to 30W, but Android Authority has found that the extreme power attained by either the Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro when charging is 22W, with the average being 13W over a full charging sequence.

There’s maybe no way for Google to upsurge it to 30W, as that’s probable a hardware restriction, but it might be probable for a software update to at least carry the average nearer to 22W. For now, however, there’s no update on that.

Ghost calling contacts

Some Pixel 6 owners have informed that their phone will instinctively call contacts, with the problem apparently being associated with Google Assistant, which might be misunderstanding things and discerning they tutored it to call someone.

An impermanent solution consequently is to deactivate Google Assistant on the lock screen, by heading to Settings > Google Assistant > Lock Screen > Assistant responses on the lock screen, and turning it off.

This noticeably isn’t perfect, but conferring to 9to5Google the firm is conscious of the problem and is working on an instant solution.

No signal

There are disseminated reports of Pixel 6 models just flat out declining to connect to a network, either occasionally or at all.

Tom’s Guide reports that on Verizon they’ve sometimes been said that the carrier is momentarily inaccessible, leaving their phone out of action for some time, while some users of networks such as iD Mobile and Giffgaff in the UK have also complained that they can’t get any single signal yet.

It’s uncertain how common this problem is, but there doesn’t seem to be a fix now, other than wanting it resolves on its own, or that Google or your network will launch an update to fix it permanently.

Android Auto issues

Another problem upsetting some Pixel 6 owners is the handset not linking to Android Auto.

You will get a number of posts to this outcome that have been logged on Google’s community support pages, with one acquisition an answer from a member of the Android Auto team, who claimed that the firm is incapable to replicate the issue but will use bug reports from users to try to fix it. So, there’s anticipation that this one will be resolved soon.

Pixel 6 Android Auto issues

Broken Wi-Fi Calling

Some Google Fi users are noticing that Wi-Fi Calling isn’t working properly on the Pixel 6 range, but according to the Reddit posts, in most of the cases this problem appears to be resolving itself over time, so you need to be patient enough till the issue resolved itself.

In the interim, you can also resolve this issue by turning on and off the aeroplane mode of your Google Pixel 6 phone.

Iffy auto brightness

On Reddit, some users are also posting that their Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro will keep changing its screen brightness, with no alteration to the ecological lighting.

Apparently, this is an outcome of the auto-brightness procedure learning how bright you like your handset, so if you manually adjust the brightness of your phone when it changes to a level that you’re not pleased with then it should ultimately acquire how you need it.

These are some of the issues you may get in your Google Pixel 6 and can resolve some of them also. What’s your experience with this new Google Pixel 6 handset? Share your experience with us in the comment section.

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