Google for India 2021 set for Nov 18 – Here’s what is in store

The previous year, the annual Google for India event in its 6th edition turned out to be a superb one. Google went all optimistic on India and publicized Google for India Digitization Fund, via which it promised to invest Rs 75,000 crore, or about to $10 billion, into the country over 5-7 years.

So, when the drapes on the 7th version of the event are set to go up tomorrow, there is a probable air of anticipation soaring over it.

Starting in 2005, the annual event is an extremely anticipated one as the tech giant reveals its strategies and thoughts for the nation.

Google India said “Look at how faraway we’ve come, together. And this time, we’re back with more product updates, more technology modernisations and a rising obligation to India’s digital journey,”

Google for India

Google and India, the story so far!

In the last five years, Google, which is gambling big on India, has had numerous fascinating businesses and enterprises here. No doubt, the major and most exciting one is its tie-up with India’s one of the top-rated company Reliance for its JioPhone Next that was revealed among ample flourish last week.

JioPhone Next is a reasonable, first-of-its-kind smartphone based on an augmented version of Android called Pragati OS, especially personalized to distribute an innovative smartphone experience to users in India.

India-born CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai said, “to manufacture this JioPhone Next, our teams had to work organised and collectively to resolve multifaceted engineering and design challenges, and I’m happy to see how millions of people will use these devices to improved their lives and groups.”

Further, Google Cloud is also associated with Jio for 5G services in India. Google Cloud is nowadays absorbed on Indian public sector for its development

Apart from this, in the last few years, Google has added local language provisions for Lens, Translate, launched its payment platform Tez which is now widespread as Google Pay. Google Assistant has also been pinched to comprehend local languages for Indian users.

Last year, Google also proclaimed a partnership with the Central Board of Secondary education (CBSE) to allow 1 million teachers in 22,000 schools to distribute “blended learning,” an amalgamation of online education and a teaching space tactic. Moreover, Google also publicized a fresh grant for $1 million which is roughly Rs 7.51 crore to train teachers in esteem to virtual teaching.

Google has also revised Google Maps to add more modified and precise information including transcriptions in many local languages. Google also delivers free Wi-Fi at over 400 plus Indian Railway Stations with over 7.5 million monthly users.

Google has prolonged support for 1 million rural women businesspersons in India. The tech corporation has also started ‘News Showcase’ in India with 30 news openings. It has also revealed its second cloud region in India, which is extremely decisive for Digital India’s drive.

When and where to follow the Google for India event?

The Google for India 2021 is probable to be no dissimilar and the anticipation is that the tech chief will proclaim a clasp of fresh plans. Google for India 2021 will reveal a roadmap on how Google is preparing to take the internet to every person.

Google said “In India, we want to carry the Internet to life for everybody. The more people have access to the tools, facilities, info and online training, the more they can follow their desires and reach their potential. We want to assistance Indians join to the Internet that assists their requirements and supports them make an optimistic influence on their communities. We purpose to accomplish this with programs and products with Indian user at its central,”.

As in the previous year, the event will be virtual and will be live-streamed and can be trailed on YouTube on 18th November, tomorrow.

Indian Union Ministers Dharmendra Pradhan and Rajeev Chandrasekhar and Google’s Sanjay Gupta and Sapna Chadha, amongst others, are on the list of speakers for the Google for India 2021  event.

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