Google And Apple Fined By Italy For Misuse Of Data

In this new era of social media, businesses are making use of the data collected by social media network sites and using it to sell their products to customers. Although it sounds like a good thing as the businesses and users are both getting what they want, it uses specific personal data of the users, which might bring harm to the users.

With the leniency provided to these businesses and social media app owners, it is seen that Facebook is already shifting to the metaverse where it will be using the user’s smartphone camera and microphone to record expressions and comments of their needs and wants. It is like spying on the user without their consent. A lot of people have shown their dissatisfaction and have disregarded it, yet this feature is being used now. There have been many cases and lawsuits against this technology, yet no good outcomes were seen.

Another such incident where The data from the users was used for commercial purposes is reported in Italy. Italy has called this move an “aggressive practice” and filed a case against two companies Apple and Google. They have been fined around 11.23 million dollars or 10 million euros by the regulators of Italy’s antitrust for bringing harm to the privacy of their users.

Whoever uses the Apple services like using their iPhones and Google services of alphabets Inc., their data are taken and used for several purposes. An explanation regarding why and for what this data is collected needs to be given by both companies, but they are silent on this matter. Both tech groups will have to provide proper reasons for why it has happened, mentioned the authorities.

They said that the users should be careful while putting their data onto online platforms, as well as there is no guarantee for where this data goes and for what dangerous purposes it could be used for. The authorities are doing the best they can, but without the precautionary measures of each individual, full security can not be provided. Excessive use of smartphones and social media networks has always had a negative impact on people’s lives, and now, because of this breach of privacy concerns, it is better to stay off social media and online networks.

Another major concern and issue that most users face are that there is no choice for whether or not the user accepts the terms of conditions or not. They are made to accept the terms and conditions without their clear approval. Users have to allow the companies the use their data one way or another. In some cases, it has been noticed that even when the permissions are not granted, the accounts information will still be used regardless of their disagreement with the terms of services.

It was stated that this fine is the maximum amount of penalty that could be given for now.

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