Germany wants phone makers to offer 7 years of security updates

If you stay in Germany, your smartphone might get security updates in patches for the upcoming several years. According to a report, the German Federal government insists the European Union entail for 7 years’ security updates and spare parts for handsets. The German Federal government is currently negotiating with European Commission to capitalize 7 years of security updates for smartphones. Though this proposal was given by the German Federal government more than two years before, mobile phones will hopefully effectively get a computer-like support cycle.

DigitalEurope demands three years’ security updates.

No doubt both proposals are expectedly facing pushback from mobile manufacturers. DigitalEurope, the industry advocacy group, demands a prerequisite for only three years of security updates, and wants the security patches for limited spare parts like batteries and screens and keeps aside other parts like cameras and speakers, which are usually more reliable than batteries and screens.

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Samsung to provide four years of security updates on smartphones      

The report says DigitalEurope is arguing commendably for the status quo. While smartphone giant Apple is providing five years of regular feature and security updates, Android manufacturers are offering for three years or less. In 2021, Samsung is the only smartphone brand committed to providing four years of security updates in its handsets. Qualcomm’s update policy has spoken this, but it’s clear that the brands are also sometimes hesitant to change the policy.

No doubt, the extended security updates might become decisive, especially from the user’s point of view. According to the news, The EU’s proposal may be applicable by 2023, and it is definitely good news for users. Security updates for long years will definitely assist the environment in using phones for a longer time. These updates for a long time will protect your smartphone and also helps to bring improvise the functionality of the phone.

Data says 40% of android users are running Vulnerable smartphones.

According to expert security updates, the period enhancement will definitely be vital for bolstering mobile security in a complete scenario.  According to the StatCounter’s 2021 August usage share data, just 40 percent of Android users are still running on 90.0 pie or earlier. Most smartphone users are using devices that are stopped receiving security updates. In such cases, there may be a security issue for those people who are using old smartphones.

In such cases, longer support periods could assist users from any attacks from targeting old smartphones. All those smartphones are currently vulnerable to exploit patches in fresher software. Hopefully, the approval of 7 years of security updates will roll out soon to securely use their smartphones for a long time. Thanks to the German Federal Government, they understand the true need for the security updates for smartphones. Hopefully, we can see 7 years’ security updates in the upcoming days in smartphones.

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