German Trade Unions Demand Strikes at Seven Amazon Sites

In a long-running wage dispute, the German trade union Verdi has called for employees at seven separate Amazon stores to go on strike.

The relocation is scheduled to begin at several distribution centers on Monday and may only end on Tuesday, a spokesman said.

Amazon claims that it offers great salaries, blessings, and career opportunities.

“Here, no one has a total hourly income of € 12 ($ 13.87), well below the extra charge,” the company added.

Verdi demanded that Amazon enhance payments in accordance with an agreement reached by a union with Germany’s broader retail and mail-order industry, without providing specific figures.

Verdi’s alternative union called for a 48-hour walkout to speed up wage discussions with large traders.

The union has been working for a collective bargaining agreement for the German Amazon’s employees for a long time.

In an ongoing wage dispute, the Verdi union has called for a 48-hour strike at six Amazon stores in Germany.

The strike is part of Verdis’ efforts to finalize negotiations with major online retailers on collective bargaining agreements on “desirable and healthy paints.”

Orhan Akman, head of the union’s retail and mail-order industry, said:

Akman mentioned the latest outbreak of the “at least 30-40 colleagues” coronavirus at Amazon’s distribution facility in Bad Hersfeld, a city in mainland Germany. Amazon has denied the location of the outbreak.

The relocation will take place not only in the Amazon location in Bad Hersfeld but also in Leipzig, Rheinberg, Werne, and Koblenz. The strike starts on Monday night and lasts for 48 hours.

Given the fact that it was 2013, Verdi and Amazon were entangled in a payment dispute. The union is looking for a retail and mail-order industry-compliant collective bargaining agreement for the employees at German distribution facilities.

Amazon rejected such claims, claiming that it was a “true responsible employer” without collective bargaining and that wages it could pay were the largest abandonment of its retail and mail-order businesses.

“What the union describes as a goal has long been given to Amazon staff. Termination salaries are higher than salaries paid for similar activities and are an opportunity for many to improve. It’s a particularly safe environment for management.” A spokeswoman informed Reuters intelligence.

The company said it ordered 470 million hand sanitizers, 21 million gloves, 19 million different face masks, mouth and nose safety screens, and 39 million disinfectant packages, taking into account the facts of February. Stated.

In April, Amazon was pressured to close six distribution facilities in France after being overwhelmed by a lawsuit in which large retailers did not take sufficient steps to protect their staff.

In addition to its seasonal employees, Amazon has 13,000 multi-year employees in Germany and paints at 13 logistics facilities.

Germany is Amazon’s largest market after the United States, Reuters reports, and Verdi has prepared several steps for the company, given the facts of 2013. Its latest peak strike is Amazon’s annual promotional event, Prime Day.

Verdi is concerned about higher wages and operating conditions and claims that employees are no longer fully included in the deployment of COVID-19. The company also argued that Amazon’s high income from pandemics was an additional factor in providing higher compensation to its employees.

Revenues have increased visibly over the last 12 months with key technologies, as ongoing purchases from pandemics appear to be very limited.

An Amazon spokesman said the company provided “huge” salaries, blessings, and operating conditions.

A similar protest was organized by Verdi last year, with six warehouse employees going out on Black Friday.

Last year, an Amazon spokesman told Hill:

This week it was reported that Germany is likely to extend its closure until December. The closing price for the first four weeks seems to have stopped increasing cases, but it hasn’t started to slow down either.

Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor is reportedly ready to announce even stricter COVID-19 restrictions, as well as to offer about $ 20 billion in aid to closed businesses. Increase.

In France, the company agreed to postpone Black Friday sales after the government demanded a one-week postponement to assist retailers affected by the country’s current failed state collapse.

Six new buildings have been added to Amazon’s Florida investment to enable activities closer to its customers.

More than 2,000 full-time jobs are planned to be created in Sunshine as a result of the new Robotics Fulfillment Center and five new distribution stations.

According to a poll conducted by the US Economic Benefits Report in 2021, Amazon has created more than 52,000 full-time employment countrywide.

According to the research, Amazon has invested $ 18 billion in the state and $ 530 billion in the United States since 2010, creating high-quality jobs and lowering costs. It demonstrates the company’s desire to create opportunities.

The new 630,000-square-foot center will make in excess of 1,000 everyday positions with exceptional mechanical technology and abilities, which will open in Tallahassee, Florida in 2022.

It will allow the workers to gather, focus pack, and convey little apparatuses like books, hardware, and toys to their clients.

Five new shipping stations will help drive the last mile of Amazon’s ordering process and streamline delivery to customers. Shipping stations also offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to build their own businesses by shipping packages from Amazon.

What’s more, an independent contractor becomes Amazon Flex’s own boss, giving you the flexibility to create your own delivery schedule.

Amazon prioritizes large investment in employees, in addition to continued investment in physical operations and fulfillment networks, cloud infrastructure, and retail stores, and rewards US employees for more than $ 160 billion in pay.

In the past 10 years, Amazon has paid employees at least $ 15 per hour and offers the best benefits from day one, including healthcare, 401 (k) retirement savings, and career skills training programs.

The demand for strikes continues until the wage dispute is set. There have been recent talks about solving the clash lately. More reports will be updated soon.

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