Funko Fair 2022 Funko Pops

Funko Fair 2022 Funko Pops: Where to get Funko Fair 2022 Pop Figures and Exclusives? Discovered: Here is a piece of good news for those who are unhappy after the withdrawal of Toy Fair New York 2022 for the 2nd year in a row. Funko Fair 2022 is launching with another multi-day Pop figure pre-order festivity. Nevertheless, the authorized confirmation has not been revealed yet, but numerous leaks and seller listings have revealed that the event started yesterday, 15th February 2022, and runs through 18th February 2022.

Meantime, we assume to watch hundreds of novel Pop figures, Soda figures, gold figures, and Pop Plush inaugurating at a steady clip over each day. It will be a lot to yield in, but the upright news is that a complete guide to the event can be revealed underneath.

Funko Fair 2022
Funko Fair 2022

Funko Fair 2022 Funko Pops

No wonder four solid days of Funko Pop announcements look like a lot but keep in mind that Funko Fair 2021 ran for 9 days. Still a massive event, but possibly not relatively as big as the previous year. Factually, Pop figure releases at Funko events start impartially initial in the morning typically around 10:00 AM or 11:00 AM EST, and run through the day, closing up around 05:00 PM or 06:00 PM EST.

Funko Fair 2022
Funko Fair 2022

Where to Get Funko Fair 2022 Pop Figures and Exclusives?

As observed, fresh Funko Pop releases will introduce at steady intervals, so keep looking in on this blog for all the latest reports. It will be updated over the event. Descending you will get all of the novel Funko Fair 2022 Pop statistics and figures proclamations along with the links to pre-order.

Note that these releases are anticipated to be a typical mix of exclusives and commons. Overall, you can say, there is not any settlement exclusive stickers to gather. Nevertheless, there will be adequate retailer exclusives, which will be emphasized as such on our list. The readers can also check in on novel releases through the following retailer links:

  • Buy Funko Pops on Amazon
  • Buy Funko Pops at GameStop
  • Buy Funko Pops at Entertainment Earth
  • Buy Funko Pops at Pop in A Box
  • Buy Funko Pops at Walmart
  • Buy Funko Pops at Hot Topic

Paka Paka Oddvocados

How delightful are these fresh Paka Paka characters? Grab’em plush or as collectibles!

  • Boruto
  • Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands
  • Apex Legends
  • Legally Blonde
  • Masters Of the Universe Skateboard
  • Batman Forever Two-Face
  • Pop! Vinyl Comic Cover Wonder Woman (Rebirth) On Throne
  • Britney Spears
  • Five Finger Death Punch
  • Cypress Hill

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