Facebook May Change its Name, But the Controversy Will Continue

The Verge reflected on Tuesday that Facebook was renaming and gaining more attention to the so-called Metaverse, a lasting online world where people could communicate with others as if they were talking in real life. I reported that there was.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will announce the changes during the Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality Connect event on October 28, but it may have been announced earlier.

Extra phone calls rather affect the parent company of the social network. Google made a similar addition in 2015 and renamed it Alphabet to distinguish Google’s search engines and products from Waymo’s and other companies’ self-sustaining engine efforts.

A Facebook spokesperson said in a survey that the company no longer mentions rumours and speculation and does not deliver any app calls. So the Facebook app is still known as Facebook.

Meanwhile, Snapchat changed its name, its call to Snap-in 2016 because it pretends to be called a digital camera company.

However, future phone calls from Facebook should be an opportunity to dive into your business. It can also help isolate large companies from the controversy that arises from Facebook and Instagram applications.

The company is still struggling with the leak of an archive of hundreds of pages into The Wall Street Journal and the failure of the “60 Minutes” by former worker Frances Haugen.

On Oct 5, Haugen testified in front of Congress about the leak and begged lawmakers to take control of the interior of the social network. She will testify to the British Parliament on Oct 25th.

The file contains internal research and discussions related to Facebook and Instagram’s inability to address issues, from Instagram’s impact on the intellectual aptitude of young women to trafficking and hate speech on Facebook.

Facebook has reduced the leak by announcing that the file has been removed from context. Earlier this month, Facebook’s Vice President of Content Coverage, Monika Bickert, warned Yahoo Finance that the file’s characteristics were incorrect, pointing out a survey showing that Instagram young people are feeling sick about their bodies.

“The stolen file doesn’t necessarily contain peer-reviewed research articles, but it’s a small survey of about 40 Instagram users who are already suffering from intellectual aptitude issues.”

Facebook also said on Monday that it expects a new collection of articles related to larger leaked files.

In a series of tweets, Communications Vice President John Pinnett said that more than 30 reporters reviewed the article and said, “Using a selection from hundreds of thousands of Facebook files, it’s true about us. No conclusions can be drawn.”

Facebook is also investigating antitrust proceedings filed by the Federal Trade Commission. The proceedings accuse the organization of buying against novice competitors and filling marketing campaigns.

The decision ignored preliminary criticism by the FTC store, but regulators filed amendments accusing Facebook of being an illegal monopoly.

Facebook’s attempts to keep social media away from meta-various efforts will not take much time to avoid these controversies. Most people still talk to the company from Google-like numbers while Google changes the call to the alphabet.

The same is true for Snap, but everyone calls it Snapchat. And I’ll put it aside and say that Kanye West will be called Kanye West instead of you anyway.

Still, Facebook has stepped up its digital and enhanced fact efforts, built the Oculus hardware range, and released the Horizon Workspaces app. Introduced in August, the software allows clients to host painting conferences via the media, develop avatars and communicate in a shared digital space.

And Facebook is not the simplest organization interested in growing the new Metaverse. Most people usually think of the Metaverse as an extension of the game from titles like Fortnite and World of Warcraft, but tech companies are betting on the next new generation. Internet version.

For example, Nvidia (NVDA) is working on Omniverse, a personal platform that expects to act as a component of the Metaverse. It has already worked with BMW to explain how automakers can reconfigure their factories by redeveloping their current facility into a metaverse that needs to be operated by engineers.

Facebook can use the Metaverse to give you more control over your destiny, so you don’t have to trust customers who access your app through hardware to celebrate their third birthday, such as the iPhone.

By providing personal hardware, Facebook will give customers more control over how they handle the Metaverse. Facebook should not pay attention to various business instability.

For example, Apple is updating the privacy features of phones that focus on the social community with large-scale marketing and marketing funding.

Still, even if it is recognized as growing in the Metaverse, Facebook cannot avoid its call and controversy that it will be linked to its name forever.

Modu states that with the name change, the organization of the organization will clarify how different conglomerates do it.

When Google rebuilt in 2015, it called the most demanding organization Alphabet and reflected several efforts (DeepMind, Fitbit, Google X, Waymo, etc.) reflecting its rise as a search engine (Google).

However, while most people consider an organization to be Google, the so-called alphabet is a sign of how an organization can adapt.

Modu says Facebook can act right to win Google’s lead.

“The alphabet is a fixed call,” she says. It is short, clean in pronunciation, and acts as a field for many parts, as is the literary alphabet.

“Some have pointed out that when it comes to Wall Street, it means leadership, alpha, and investment.”

According to the report, Brand Flow could also reiterate Facebook’s perception of building a so-called metaverse, where people can use their own devices to move and talk in a digital environment.

Zuckerberg was a metaphor for speaking in July and because of references to buzzwords first created in a dystopian novel three years ago by various tech companies, including Microsoft.

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