Dead By Daylight Is Available For Free On The Epic Games Store

With its significant price drops and repeated free weekends, Dead by Daylight flutters on the edge of becoming free-to-play but never truly commits (probably because of its ongoing popularity). The imbalanced 4-v-1 slasher includes 22 paid DLCs, the most recent of which was released today and involved a vengeful artist summoning crows to peck at you and your friends.

It’s a lot of fun and surprisingly clever, especially when played with others, and the base game is now available on the Epic Games Store for free. Just be cautious not to get dragged into the game’s paid DLC vortex, which allows you to play as characters from Stranger Things like Freddy Krueger, Pinhead, Pyramid head, and those flower-faced thingies.

The good news is that even if you only possess the basic game, you will be able to play against DLC monsters, and the maps based on these monsters will be accessible to base game players. The default game comes with five playable killers, three of them are considered among the game’s most robust, and you may unlock more unlicensed monsters by plain old-fashioned grinding. Dead by Daylight is a great deal in terms of not-quite-free-to-play games.

However, be prepared to grind quite a bunch. Each survivor and monster has its own unique set of talents and advancement, which takes a long time to fill up. There are also some Christmas incentives being given out to all players for checking in right now, so now is a great chance to see if DBD is your cup of tea.

Major armor upgrades are coming to Destiny 2 as part of Bungie’s 30th-anniversary celebration, allowing for complete loadout swapping:

Bungie revealed some significant quality of life updates coming to Destiny in its 30th-anniversary event next week in its monthly “This Week at Bungie” blog. The way armor management works are sure to be one of the most exciting features for many gamers, along with some fascinating photographs from the official Destiny 2 Twitter account and the Steam website previewing the premium content.

Changing your Guardian’s loadout had previously been a time-consuming procedure that required you to change out stat-altering modules one by one, incurring in-game monetary costs. This method will no longer require the Glimmer money after the update on Tuesday.

As a consequence, third-party item managers will be able to switch armor modifications, pick weapon perks, gear shaders, and even decorative ornaments in the future, giving you far more control over your Guardians through desktop and mobile apps.

This modification to the API appears to guarantee that gear management applications, such as the fantastic Destiny Item Manager, will improve on existing loadout features, allowing nearly every component to be altered without the arduous faff that presently exists.

Teardown’s campaign has been updated to include tornadoes and flame-throwing robots:

The Teardown is a wild, destructive sandbox that is also a fantastic puzzle game. Since its introduction, the game has attracted a sizable and committed fan following that like playing with its foldable surroundings, a feature that the recently released Part 2 update emphasizes: It’s essentially a Garry’s Mod, complete with rocket-boosters and wire-propelled catapults.

The Teardown is still in Early Access; therefore, this version is labeled ‘0.9,’ which comprises the second half of the game’s story. In a blog post accompanying the release, the developer says, “We are thrilled to bring you an update filled to the brim with interesting content.” “There are new locales, new task types, new tools, new people and robots, and a lot of mayhem.”

Two new locations have been added to the campaign: a new mountain base with icy snowstorms and a tropical island with lush flora and large luxurious yachts that includes tornadoes. It may also use these weather effects in Teardown’s current locations. One of the most exciting aspects of the new features is what the game’s modding community can do with them, something creator Tuxedo Labs has gone out of its way to encourage.

“Aside from the campaign, we’re also improving modding functionality, with the most significant changes being support for built-in pathfinding and the ability for modders to make their robots!” Teardown’s next major update will see the game reach version 1.0 and exit Early Access.

Investors have filed a lawsuit against a video game studio over a flaw in Cyberpunk 2077:

‘Cyberpunk 2077,’ arguably the most anticipated video game of the year, has already received negative feedback from players. The investors are now in charge.

The lawsuit claims that the game has “an excessive number of problems,” mirroring player complaints. Many gamers, however, immediately became dissatisfied with the game once it was released this month, citing a slew of bugs and criticizing the poor production.

Players who purchased the game through their respective online storefronts received refunds from Sony and Microsoft. When Sony went so far as to remove the game from its store, industry experts were taken aback.

According to investor Andrew Trampe, CD Project overhyped the game and its stock price for months, including a claim in January that “Cyberpunk 2077” was “full and playable” at the time.

“At all relevant periods, defendants’ assertions regarding their company, operations, and prospects were materially false and misleading and without a reasonable foundation,” the lawsuit claims. It asks that the lawsuit be recognized as a class action on behalf of all investors in a similar situation.

A request for comment submitted outside of usual business hours was not immediately responded to by CD Project, situated in Warsaw, Poland. CD Project’s stock had dropped about 38% since early December when the game was published.

Titanfall is being taken off the market after years of battling DDoS attacks:

Respawn Entertainment has thrown up the towel after years of battling hacking and DDoS assaults that have left Titanfall unplayable at times. It would suspend Titanfall sales following a back-and-forth with hackers that began in 2019, resulting in a “mainly poor” user review rating for the game on Steam.

There were glimmers of hope earlier this year when Respawn promised “help is on the way” in April. Still, by mid-May, things were back to normal, and by mid-July, Respawn community coordinator Jason Garza admitted that only “one or two people” were still working on Titanfall support due to Apex Legends’ demands.

“Respawn’s DNA is Titanfall, and this magnificent universe will continue,” the company claimed. This franchise will act as a benchmark for the kind of experiences Respawn will give in the future.”

Given the limited amount of people still attempting to play peak, today’s concurrent player count on Steam is 7, and it’s probably safe to believe the statistics on Origin are similar; it’s logical to infer that the work required to battle hackers isn’t worth it. For the time being, game servers will stay available; however, it’s unclear how valuable this will be, considering that the game is practically unplayable most of the time.

In an attempt to resurrect a scrapped free-to-play spin-off, hackers attacked Titanfall and Apex Legends:

The Titanfall community may have found the hackers responsible for both last month’s enormous Apex Legends breach and the server-breaking bot assaults that have plagued Titanfall 1 for years., a site cited in the Apex Legends breach but claims it was not engaged in the hack itself, issued a 40-page PDF on Operation Red Tape earlier this week. You Tuber Upper Echelon Gamers, who previously documented the Titanfall 2 attacks, put this information into context. As per the video, p0358, a Titanfall fan who became famous after writing a Medium piece purporting to inform Respawn “how to solve Titanfall” cooperated with proprietors, administrators, and other hackers to organize the Apex Legends attack on the Remnant Fleet Discord server.

Moreover, p0358 has declared his desire to work with Respawn. According to Upper Echelon, getting hired would give him access to Titanfall’s source code, which would help efforts to resurrect the series. Meanwhile, p0358 has frequently been screenshot as ecstatic about Titanfall’s death, claiming that he expects it would attract attention to the TFO project.

In a simplified YouTube explanation of the findings, YouTuber MoDen31 commented, “This makes no sense.” “They hacked Titanfall to improve Titanfall, to be employed by Respawn, and to resurrect a free-to-play Titanfall version developed by Nexon for the Asian market.” He allegedly contacted Upper Echelon to offer them a “tour” of the covert channels where the alleged planning occurred.

Titanfall, on the other hand, has been playable online again since a late-July update, and the attacks on Titanfall two and Apex appear to have ceased (or at least slowed down). The Titanfall subreddit, on the other hand, has burst with excitement over the news that they’ve been subjected to a nefarious plot to bring down the game they adore.

Titanfall, on the other hand, has been playable online again since a late-July update, and the attacks on Titanfall two and Apex appear to have ceased (or at least slowed down). The Titanfall subreddit, on the other hand, has burst with excitement over the news that they’ve been subjected to a nefarious plot to bring down the game they adore.

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