COVID Hospitalizations In Los Angeles County Drop For Second Time

  • According to the most recent state numbers, the number of COVID-19 patients hospitalized in Los Angeles County declined by seven to 742 on Saturday, with 180 of those patients in intensive care, down two from Friday’s totals. On Thursday, the county had 772 COVID patients. The figures came one day after local health officials revealed 3,360 new COVID-19 cases, 27 more deaths linked to the coronavirus, and eight more confirmed Omicron variant cases.

Amid increased measures to prevent the epidemic, including stricter limits for attending significant events, the number of new cases per day reached its highest in months. As of Friday, anyone who couldn’t produce proof of complete immunization but could show evidence of a negative COVID test within one or two days of the event had to show evidence of a negative COVID test within one or two days of the event.

Children under the age of two are exempt from the limitation, while children under five are exempt from the restriction. A previous health directive required evidence of a negative test within 72 hours, but this is a new requirement.

According to the county, mega-events are defined as indoor meetings of more than 1,000 people or outdoor gatherings of more than 10,000 people.

The latest Omicron cases boosted the overall number of confirmed Omicron cases in the county to 38. According to the eight points registered on Friday, five people were utterly vaccinated, and one had a booster. According to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, one person reported foreign travel, and one person said domestic travel.

According to Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer, there is no indication that the new variation produces more severe symptoms than previous versions, although it is more transmissible than earlier forms. “We expect Omicron to spread more widely in Los Angeles County shortly, resulting in many more cases in a short period, especially given greater gatherings and travel during the winter holidays,” Ferrer noted.

“While unvaccinated people appear to be at the highest risk, all evidence too far suggests that those who have been completely vaccinated are also at a higher risk, particularly of becoming infected and infecting others.”

COVID Hospitalizations In Los Angeles County Drop For Second Time
COVID Hospitalizations In Los Angeles County Drop For Second Time

Officials cited a decision by a CDC advisory group on Thursday to recommend mRNA vaccinations manufactured by Pfizer and Moderna over the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine because of uncommon but significant blood clots related to the latter.

According to the CDC’s Dr. Isaac See, 54 cases of blood clots have been confirmed, nine of which have been deadly, and two more deaths are thought to be linked to the blood clotting problem. According to L.A. County officials, approximately 530,000 residents had received a Johnson & Johnson vaccination dosage as of December 12.

“We remind citizens that L.A. County’s stock of mRNA vaccinations is plentiful and that individuals already vaccinated with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine should seek to boost with Pfizer or Moderna when it’s time for a booster dose,” the health agency said on Friday.

“We applaud the CDC’s vaccine recommendations,” Ferrer said. Officials said they saw fewer than a dozen breakouts per week, with more than 1.55 million children spread throughout 3,000 L.A. County schools.

And, based on more than 1,500 site visits conducted between December 4 and 10, the great majority of companies and industries, including eateries, bars, food markets, and hair salons, had masked levels of compliance of more than 95%.

COVID-19 Cases Increase in L.A. County, with 27 More Deaths – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel:

The number of new cases is at an all-time high, and it comes only one day after officials announced increased steps to combat a pandemic, including new guidelines for attending large-scale events.

Five of the eight cases reported on Friday had been wholly vaccinated, while one had had a booster shot. According to the Los Angeles County Public Health Service, one said a foreign vacation, and one reported a local trip.

According to public health director Barbara Ferrer, the new form is more prone to infection than other variants; however, there is no evidence that it causes more significant symptoms than prior versions.

“Based on current data, Omicron will become more extensively dispersed in Los Angeles County very shortly, with more instances happening in a shorter period, especially considering the increasing emphasis on winter travel,” says the report. “It’s to be expected,” Feller stated. “While unvaccinated persons appear to be at the greatest danger, all evidence to date indicates that even fully vaccinated people are at an increased risk of being infected or infecting others.”

According to the most recent state figures, the number of COVID-19 hospitalized residents in the county has decreased from 772 on Thursday to 749 on Friday. One hundred eighty-two of the patients still required intensive care from the day before. I had to show documentation that the test had come back negative.

Indoor events are exempt from the restrictions for children under the age of two, and outdoor activities are exempt for children under five. This is a shift from the previous health order, which required evidence of a negative test within 72 hours. According to the county, a mega event is an inside rally with more than 1,000 people or an outdoor rally with more than 10,000 attendees.

Meanwhile, authorities commented on Thursday’s decisions by the Advisory Board of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Because it is rare but serious, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention unanimously approved Pfizer and Moderna preferentially suggest the RNA vaccine created above the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine. A blood clot has formed as a result of the latter. According to L.A. County officials, more than 530,000 residents have received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine as of December 12.

COVID Hospitalizations In Los Angeles County Drop For Second Time
COVID Hospitalizations In Los Angeles County Drop For Second Time

“The availability of mRNA vaccinations in Los Angeles County is considerable, and residents should pick Pfizer or Moderna boosters when it comes time to get booster doses if they were previously vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson.” On Friday, the Ministry of Health said, “Let me do it.”

“Thanks to the CDC’s vaccination selection recommendations,” Ferrer stated. “While any vaccine is preferable to none, people who have had the Johnson and Johnson vaccines will be offered a booster dose of the Physer or Remodeler vaccines to ensure that they are well protected against the effects of both significant COVIDs.” It is suggested that you do so.

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