With Winter Approaching and COVID Cases Rising; New Rules are to be Set by Germany

Just like every other country, Germany is struggling to convince their population for vaccination too. The campaigns, ads, and school awareness events have not proved to be very effective, so Olaf Scholz, who is the new chancellor of Germany himself, requested the people to get vaccinated because that’s the only way that can help the country to proceed without imposing lockdowns and curfews. The delta wave in Germany would be stronger than the previous waves, so people need to take responsibility and get vaccinated; otherwise, the vaccination will be made mandatory for everyone to have. And now COVID Cases Rising.

COVID Cases Rising again

Germany’s new government has decided to keep the state of emergency in its place as the pandemic is still not over, and the whole of Europe is still seeing surging COVID Cases Rising. Just for the sake of everyone’s safety, the three parties have decided mutually to keep it in place.

While some were in favor of keeping the state of emergency, there were others who opposed the idea, reasoning that now that the vaccination has been done, there is no need for the state of emergency. Even if things go wrong, Germany has a strong economy to cover it up and find solutions other than the state of emergency. However, these politicians have completely ignored the fact that most people have not been vaccinated, and the fourth covid 19 wave is approaching Germany already, which could cause major setbacks for the country.

This time the government has decided to go for more hygiene-focused solutions rather than the forced lockdowns and curfews as they hurt the economy of the country very badly, and also, the mental health of many have been affected for the past years because of it. Wearing masks in public has been considered mandatory, especially in confined places. Washing hands and sanitizing are promoted too.

Scholz stated in the Bundestag lower house parliament that COVID 19 free test centers should be set up throughout the country so that it is feasible for everyone to get themselves checked. The sooner they know they are infected, the better chances there will be to take precautions and protects others from getting infected.

The free tests policy had been ruled out by the proposal of getting more people vaccinated. Only sixty-seven percentage points people have gotten themselves vaccinated rest are still unvaccinated. Even if people get vaccinations, there is no guarantee that they will not get infected again or spread the virus while they are infectious. There needs to be a better solution than any of the above, but since we have none, for now, these two options are our best shot.

Scholz is a finance minister as well as a chancellor candidate. He stated that winter is approaching, and in the cold season the human immunity is already weak plus people will be staying indoors most of the time, which would cause the virus to spread more hence the preparation for the winters should be made ahead of time so as to avoid any loses later. Angela Merkel, who is the Outgoing Chancellor, watched as Scholz stated these possibilities. She said she agreed with him.

Scholz said that vaccination should be done to the care home workers and the healthcare workers as this will ensure the safety of everyone and will prevent chances of tragedies. This issue was raised by him in opposition to the fact that the vaccination for the care home and healthcare workers was not considered mandatory till now. He stated that everyone needs to get vaccinated and that it should be made mandatory so that there are no irresponsible behaviors from anyone which could put others’ lives in danger.

He further said that the leaders and the federal government officials would meet to discuss the situation of sixteen states of Germany and to find a solution to overcome this huge challenge. As billions of people’s safety lie in their own hands, they need to make wiser choices to eliminate covid 19 completely from people’s lives. With cold weather approaching and the sickness ratio among people increasing, the hospital is going to be packed and need more supplies and workers too. All these issues and their solutions need to be discussed and planned in detail beforehand so that the damage caused should be very little.

He said that he supports the idea of having everyone checked if they are vaccinated or not, whether it be workplaces, public parks, restaurants or gyms, etc. In this way, they will successfully be able to increase the vaccination ratio to an ideal level, ensuring everyone’s safety and protection. When people of the country do not take responsibility, then the state should find ways to find solutions and make people follow what is best for them.

In Germany, the fourth wave has already hit the hospitals, causing the delay of treatments as doctors and staff to ensure the proper hygiene regulations. With more time passing by, the cases will rise, and there will be no time for doctors to worry about hygiene as they would have to treat patients back to back.

Saxony has mandated vaccination proof before people enter restaurants or public places. Only a negative test will no longer allow the people to step into public places there; you will need proper vaccination proof to do so. Other states need to follow in their footsteps and impose such rules too so that the vaccination ratio can rise and safety can be ensured for everyone.

Robert Koch, who works for the public health department, said that new cases had been reported on Thursday, counting to one hundred and ninety-six. These numbers are slowly increasing as more and more days pass by.

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