COVID 19 Infection cases Increasing Day By Day in New Mexico

Vaccinations are being promoted throughout the world in the hope for people to take responsibility for their actions and get vaccinated. But since a lot of people have not been vaccinated, the COVID 19 Infection cases Increasing in the United States, especially in New Mexico.

On Wednesday, a total of five hundred and thirty-nine hospitalized patients and about one thousand and five hundred or more cases were taken in. The health staff has reported a worrisome situation, saying that the situation will get worse if people do not get vaccinated.

The capacity for taking in patients in the ICU is low because of which a lot of people are suffering and dying without getting treated. On Wednesday the Dr. David Scrase, who works at the Department of Health in New Mexico as a secretary-general, stated that hospitals are not going great, and the facilities are running low with the increasing COVID 19 infection cases.

He further added that the situation is bad with the lack of ICU beds which are now left to ten and will soon be occupied too. There will be no beds to take patients to in other states too, if the situation remains the same, so a lot of people will lose their lives. If someone in the midst of all this chaos gets a heart attack or a serious injury, he or she will not have a bed for them. The number of cases has risen very quickly since last week, but still, facilities are low, and cases are more.

In the United States, due to the increasing number of COVID 19 infection cases, the measurements for the COVID crisis are being taken as the hospitals are getting full with no more spaces left to accommodate patients. This means that up to the next ninety days, there will be no extra procedures done inside the hospitals; only the important treatment will be provided. This is to ensure the safety of people who are infected with the coronavirus.

Even when the federal government and did not make it official for allowing the booster shots, New Mexico had already made them available for anyone who wanted to get it. This is because the State could already see its future situation of increasing COVID 19 cases and worsening of the situation. The only condition for these booster shots was a gap of six to eight months between the initial dose and the booster dose.

These infections will keep happening, and Covid 19 will keep spreading without a break if enough vaccination and booster shots are not provided to everyone. At least a total of eighty-five to ninety percentage points of the population should be getting the booster shots. Only that will decrease and balance the increasing infections, Gov. Michelle Lujan of the State of Mexico stated in a conference.

CDC full form ‘Centers for Disease Control and prevention has given a record that the total frequency of citizens who have gotten their vaccination done is around twenty-one percentage points total.

The increase in cases is because of the cold weather, increased tourism and trips, delta variant spread, and the decline of vaccination provided immunity in the vaccinators are the reason for surge f cases. Since vaccination wanes off some months later after the vaccination dose, it is important to get the booster shots or at least wear protective gear and follow COVID 19 precautionary measures.

According to the data collected from various hospitals, it is seen that from the mid of October to the mid of this month November, the most hospitalized cases of COvid 19 are almost about eighty percentage points of the unvaccinated population. Adding to this number, almost all new cases were reported too, which were about seventy-one percentage points.

The major and the main cause of COVID spread is the unvaccinated citizens, especially the ones who do not even follow the covid 19 precautionary measures. They are a threat to themselves and others too. The first and foremost solution right now is to make everyone get vaccinated because vaccination has proved to be healthy for everyone who has gotten it.

Vaccination has been considered eligible for kids of age groups around five to eleven. These age groups are considered fully safe for vaccination, and according to the ross data, it was reported that because of unvaccinated children, in the past week, New Mexico had a total number of twenty-five percentage points of children infections throughout the State.

For the pandemic to stop and for the protection of everyone, it is mandatory that everyone gets vaccination. Ross further added that when it is said that there are mild symptoms for children, it does not mean that they have no potential risk.

Throughout the State, the hospitals are getting slowly packed with covid infection cases, and the increase is significant, so to fight this, the State of New Mexico has decided to make the masks mandatory for everyone, especially in the indoor settings, from 10th December 2021 onwards. This State is the only state that has made masks mandatory for everyone from the beginning and did not fail to not put any precautionary steps into action.

People have been self-medicating themselves from COVID 19. This is mostly because of the high hospital bills or the misinformation that spreads through various means, especially social media. This is the biggest cause of deaths and hospitalizations right now, and it needs serious attention. Nothing is worse than little knowledge.

For overcoming the hesitation seen in people regarding the vaccination against COVID 19 and for fighting off the rumors and misinformation spread throughout the State, a decision of working together of all health authorities and staff would take place. They will altogether help spread the awareness regarding the safety of using vaccination.

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