Screenshot on hp laptop

How To Take A Screenshot On HP Laptop

Rising technological breakthroughs in computers have surpassed all basic standards. Everyday innovations and applications that are updated daily have never stopped improving. Technology has progressed from large, bulky, and heavy computer systems to elegant, easy-to-use laptops. From a simple computer that was simply used for surfing and sending emails to a developing computer that performs … Read More

Delete Tiktok Account

Step by Step-How To Delete TikTok Account

Step by Step-How To Delete TikTok Account-Tiktok is an extensively popular app with over two million+ downloads. It is a social media app that can captivate your attention for several hours. It is a Chinese app, and it is believed to act as a monitoring app for the Chinese. Are you shocked! Well, this line … Read More

Delete Youtube Channel

Step by Step-How To Delete YouTube Channel

If you are exhausted from using youtube and now want to remove it from your life for good. Then here’s all the information and guide on how to delete youtube channels. Youtube is a vast video platform. Since millions of people are using youtube, there are continuous changes in the application, and these changes can … Read More

Windows 10 Upgrade

How To Upgrade To Windows 10- Free Windows 10 Upgrade

The Windows 10 free upgrade offered by Microsoft terminated a few years ago. But I guess no one informed this to people who run Windows activation servers. As a result, some loopholes are still open to upgrading Windows 10 from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. This article will cover all the essential information on how … Read More

Delete Microsoft Account

Step By Step-How To Delete Microsoft Account

Thinking of deleting your Microsoft account because you are not using it for the time being. Well, undoubtedly, you are not alone in this. Through this article, we will tell you how to delete Microsoft account. Let’s see! The Microsoft account gives admittance to various services like skype, office, outlook, and Xbox Live. But, there … Read More

Hulu free trial

How to get Hulu free trial 2022

In 2008 Hulu launched for the first time in the public domain, since then, there have been equally contestants and associates. Hulu provides different subscription plans as well as add-ons for even more content and the famous “Disney Bundle”, with Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+. The firm provides mutually ad-supported and ad-free subscription plans to its … Read More

Hbo max free trail

How to get HBO max free trial 2022

There is no wonder that numerous people want to find out how to get an HBO Max free trial. HBO Max is our No. 1 pick amongst the finest streaming services, thanks to its collection of day-and-date superhit movie premieres, prestige HBO dramas, classic films, the entirety of Friends and much-admired originals. Initially, when HBO … Read More