Capbay, A Malaysian Company, Strives To Assist Smes To Expand By Providing Low-Cost Financing

  • Malaysia’s small and medium-sized businesses are having difficulty expanding. What is the explanation behind this? Their supply network is responsible for a large portion of their financial flow. Enter CapBay, a high-impact finance firm that has cleared the local selection panel of Endeavor Malaysia.

Since 1997, Endeavor has been at the forefront of the global high-impact entrepreneurship movement, choosing, mentoring, and advancing the most outstanding high-impact entrepreneurs throughout the world to drive economic development and job creation. CapBay, formed in 2017, has a stellar track record that wowed the Endeavor mentors.

The award-winning Multi-Bank Supply Chain Finance and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Financing platform has achieved a stunning US$33 million in transactions in just four years (RM1.4 billion). Businesses of all sizes may access finance using their patented credit-decisioning algorithm, while banks and investors can engage in high-quality financing arrangements.

CapBay, which was recently shortlisted for the prestigious EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award Emerging Category, contrasts traditional banks. It lowered the application procedure from months to as little as five business days.

The invoice financing limit is established between 30-180 days of the facility’s lifetime, ranging from RM50,000 (US$11,870) to RM1.5 million (US$356,126). CapBay promises to help SME growth by delivering the lowest financing option and catering to the underprivileged with common platform and finance costs.

“CapBay is no stranger to Endeavor, having participated in their inaugural ScaleUp Program in 2019.” We selected Endeavor because the mentorship sessions with extremely seasoned company professionals set them apart. Endeavor has a worldwide network that allows us to collaborate with organizations like Google and Bain & Company.


“Through this Selection Panel, we were very fortunate to gain abundant food for thought about CapBay and the problems we confront in operating it from four different seasoned players.” It offered us a lot to think about, and we hope to include them into CapBay’s future movements as soon as possible,” he said.

The co-founders of CapBay, Ang, Darrel Ang, and Edwin Tan, won over the hearts and support of the mentors during Endeavor Malaysia’s Local Selection Panel (LSP) with their apparent ambition for success as entrepreneurs.

The Local Selection Panel is the result of a rigorous merit-based selection process to identify high-impact entrepreneurs who can use Endeavor’s resources and mentorship to build large-scale wealth and jobs, as well as long-term local entrepreneurial ecosystems.

“As Capbay grows, we believe it will be able to realize its full potential and ambition thanks to Endeavor’s mentorship and regional network.” Capbay will have Endeavor as an ally on its way to becoming a regional entrepreneur, according to Bain & Company’s Swee Lin Liew.

An amazing time-lapse video shows a space station completing one whole orbit around the Earth:

After landing at the International Space Station (ISS) last week, amateur astronaut Yusaku Maezawa is settling in. Maezawa, a self-made millionaire who built his wealth in online fashion shopping, came to the ISS aboard a Russian Soyuz spacecraft alongside fellow Japanese citizen Yozo Hirano, a film producer who would chronicle Maezawa’s 11 days on the orbiting outpost. Alexander Misurkin, a veteran cosmonaut, is also a part of the space tourism expedition.


Maezawa, 46, uploaded an incredible time-lapse video (below) of the station performing a complete circle of Earth a few days into his once-in-a-lifetime journey. The ISS revolves around Earth 16 times in 24 hours, or once every 90 minutes, at a speed of roughly 17,000 mph. Maezawa’s time-lapse, on the other hand, compresses a single orbit into 24 seconds, with excellent results.

As the station completes a whole orbit of our globe, the footage begins with gorgeous dawn and concludes with an equally beautiful sunset. In the space between, we can see Earth moving by 250 miles below as the station’s solar arrays shift to the ideal position for absorbing solar energy.

Maezawa’s rise to wealth began in the 1990s with a home-based mail-order business selling CDs and records, eventually culminating in Zozotown, Japan’s most successful online fashion retail platform, in 2004.

Maezawa and his colleague traveler, like ordinary astronauts, had to go through lengthy training in the six months leading up to launch, with the station’s newest visitor tweeting about what appeared to be pretty unusual preparation duties every month.

Maezawa’s presence on the outpost is part of NASA’s and its partners’ expanding attempts to commercialize the ISS, allowing the missions to help fund future space exploration and research. IN OCTOBER, the ISS welcomed two Russian filmmakers, and SpaceX will launch a crew of three private people and a veteran NASA astronaut to the station for a 10-day visit next month.

Are you unable to access your Facebook account? You may now recover it using the Live Chat support feature:

Locking yourself out of your Facebook account is a common occurrence, and as strange as it may sound, Facebook did not have a Live Chat option available until today. Meta has announced that its US consumers will access a live chat support option. Also, see: How will the metaverse appear in 2022?

“They may chat live with a support representative for advice on a variety of topics ranging from the status of a pay-out to inquiries about a new product like Reels,” according to the blog post. Users of Facebook and Instagram are expected to get this functionality first. It is currently only being tested on the Facebook app.

“This first test focuses on users who are unable to access their accounts owing to odd behavior or whose accounts have been suspended due to a breach of Community Standards,” according to the blog.

Facebook has also included comment moderation features to allow its authors to filter hostile reactions to their postings. They may now ban comments based on specific keywords and automatically hide comments that contain links or photos. These hidden comments are visible to creators. Facebook has also introduced a new function that allows users to outsource comment moderation to a single viewer while broadcasting live on the platform.

Facebook has developed a women’s safety portal in India for the uninitiated. This safety portal is available in Hindi and 11 other languages, allowing more women in India to access tools and services and make the most effective use of social media while being secure online.

According to the study, the goal is to empower women worldwide to combat and prevent the dissemination of non-consensual intimate photographs (NCII).

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