Building A Fighting Game From Online Casinos

Since the appearance of Street Fighter II back in the ’90s, fighting games have continued to gain popularity. Today, there are a variety of subgenres, from wrestling titles like WWE 2k22 to crossover Nintendo games like Super Smash Bros. and its myriad sequels. The beloved status of this last title in particular has led to the release of numerous other fighting games that mash together characters from different backgrounds and franchises.

The forthcoming Multiversus game from Warner Bros, for example, will gather characters from Batman and Game of Thrones and have them go at it in multiplayer battles. That pretty much sets a new bar for the types and breadth of characters that can be roped into a game like this, and will almost certainly be something of a springboard to more such collaborations in the future.

That could mean any number of things of course, but one fascinating space to watch could well be online casinos. Developers across this category of games have been steadily introducing original characters for years now, and those characters –– while not part of “mainstream gaming” –– have been seen and enjoyed by countless thousands of gamers. Mashing some of them together in an online fighting game with casino components (even if that just means betting on outcomes) could make for quite the hit.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best candidates for this slot fighting game’s roster.

Young Oz

The popular slot game Legacy of Oz brings a surprising approach to the classic world of Oz from literature and cinema, by transforming the ruler of the Emerald City into a young (and seemingly nefarious) gentleman. The game depicts him wearing a bright green suit and hat, and shows a number of symbols referencing elements from the book –– like the lion’s heart. While the character is clearly drawn from a famous property though, this young, mysterious Oz feels very much like an original creation for the slot world.

Big Bad Wolf

The Big Bad Wolf game portrays the wolf as more of a playful take on the fairy tale character, in this case overpowering and outsmarting three pigs who have to run to a new house after each round. The wolf’s claws and strength could easily be used to create a character in the style of the take on Wolverine from Marvel’s crossovers with Capcom –– though again perhaps with a more playful demeanor. We have a hunch he’d be a popular option with players.


Gonzo’s Quest was one of the games that played a major role in elevating online slots, and both the original and its sequel have remained very popular. They’re likely to spawn an ongoing series, with the Gonzo’s Quest Megaways game at Gala Spins being the latest title to feature prominently. All of these games though revolve around a dancing Spanish explorer named Gonzo, who is on a quest for treasure. He’s already outfitted for battle with some armor and a little sword, and as a sort of unofficial mascot for modern online slots would serve as a headline character.


Cleopatra could follow in the footsteps of Anakaris, a massive pharaoh’s mummy from the Japanese fighting game Darkstalkers that uses shape-shifting limbs to overwhelm enemies with a series of surprise attacks. Naturally, in the case of Cleopatra, the character probably deserves moves worthy of a famous queen, like using a magic staff or calling in an army of soldiers. Whatever the case, the character’s name and likeness have been used in multiple casino games over the years, making her a very present force and a natural pick for a game like this.

Agent Jane Blonde

The protagonist of Jane Blonde is a secret agent clearly inspired by the James Bond films and 007 himself (though to some modern audiences she is perhaps more reminiscent of Charlize Theron’s Atomic Blonde character). As such, she uses expensive vehicles and creative gadgets that would work great in a fighting game. It’s always nice to have a few characters with some explosive tricks up their sleeves (as any fan of, say, the Injustice: Gods Among Us games can attest to).

Jackpot Giant

This gentle and bearded giant resembles popular fighting characters like Zangief from Street Fighter, except of course for his size. However, popular fighting franchises like Marvel vs. Capcom haven’t had problems including enormous characters like Onslaught and even Galactus, by presenting only part of his body or the effects of his attacks. That sort of effect would make the Jackpot Giant a very fun inclusion –– the sort of character some love to play with and others avoid at all costs.

Fighting games are in a state of constant evolution. We have transitioned from simple side-scrolling titles to the likes of Injustice or Mortal Kombat, and on to character collaborations like some wrestling titles and now crossover-focused games. And while game designers may be fighting each other over access to licensed characters to make these games work, there’s a variety of popular, original characters waiting in the slot category that are ripe for their own fighting experience.

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