Britain Approves Merck Pill for COVID Patients

As the winter is nearby, a rise of Covid cases will be seen during this cold season. Because of being packed inside their homes, the risks of infection spread are a lot more than usual.

The cases have shot to an almost 500,000 increase in the past week, which is alarming. Around the twenty-seven states of the USA, the cases are rising weekly; this is reported by the data of Johns Hopkins University.

The States that are colder than the average have seen a rise in infection cases. This is because as winter approaches, people tend to stay indoors to avoid outside cold, which will increase the risk of infection. The list of states that are seeing a rise in cases in the delta variant wave are as follows:

North Dakota, South Dakota, New Mexico, New York, Michigan, Minnesota, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, California, Colorado, Vermont and Wisconsin, Ohio, Rhode Island, Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Maine, Nevada, New Hampshire, Nebraska, Missouri, New Jersey.


In the news:

  • ►New York City Mayor-elect Eric Adams said that he would want Mayor Bill de Blasio to sit down with all the unions who restrict the covid vaccine mandate. He wishes to continue for city workers the vaccine mandate.
  • ►Damara Holness, daughter of Dale Holness, who leads the votes for House seat by 12, pleaded guilty to committing fraud involving $300,000 of the relief fund for Covid-19.
  • ►The Maine Health department has organized a contest with an award of $50,000 for the kids of age groups five to seventeen. In this contest, the kids will have to submit a video of a half-minute to persuade children and parents to get the vaccination.
  • ►America’s biggest Native American tribe, The Navajo Nation, has seen an increase in covid cases, with a total of 80 more cases added to the previous. But there have been no reports of covid death.

Johns Hopkins University data recorded 46.2 million confirmed COVID-19 cases and more than 750,500 deaths.

Global totals: 5 million deaths and 248.4 million and more cases. 193.2 million + Americans which is 58.2% of the population, are fully vaccinated, reported by the CDC.

Poll says that a total of one-third of the kids will not get vaccinated because their parents will not let them. The age groups of kids are between five to eleven years old. Only about half of them showed interest in getting their kids vaccinated. In the USA still, 30 percentage point of people need to get their vaccination.

Another survey conducted by Ipsos on October 14, 2022, for the Marketing for Change communication agency reported that almost 51 percentage point parents agreed to get their kids vaccinated of age groups 5 to 11 from a total of 1000 parents. Thirty-one percentage points do not agree to vaccination, and the rest 18 percentage points are not yet sure about what they will do.

Fifty-one percentage points of the parents disagreed because they do not have any trust in the government, and the 70 percentage point we’re concerned about the side effects from vaccinations.

The CDC announced that twenty-eight million children are eligible to safely get vaccinated, along with president Joe Biden and his members of the Covid response team emphasized that children should get vaccinated. But the American public seems to be difficult in convincing.

Merck pill approved for treatment by Britain

The making of a pill to treat covid is successfully done by Britain. Sajid Javed, who is the British Health Secretary, mentioned that the pill would be highly effective to vulnerable symptoms of the Covid. Merck, based in NJ, made a tablet called the Molnupiravir, which is to be given to patients twice in one day. This drug can help with extreme symptoms and death rate to half too.

Antiviral medication is being allowed for the average level of symptoms in Covid patients. People with more than one risk of getting more serious will be prescribed this medicine, according to Merck. Applications to the regulatory agencies are being submitted by the company to fast forward the process.

Moderna trims vaccine deliveries.

From the sales of Moderna in August with a 20 billion dollar sale to drop of 15 to 18 billion dollar sales is because of the slow exports and the shift of company’s capacity. It is expecting a decrease in profit. The drugmakers said that some of the deliveries will be shifted to January 2022 from now.

Stephane Bancel, who is the CEO of Moderna, said that these issues might be because of the scaling of productions. Bancel further added that Because of the rise in sales, the supply chain is facing complex issues.

  1. Four deadlines for vaccination of Workers at all big companies

This rule has been set by Joe Biden, The president of the businesses with a hundred plus employees. These workers in large businesses, estimating 84 million workers, have a deadline of January 4 to get themselves vaccinated or go through the regular testing. Regular testing will be costly, and workers will have to pay for it. Mask for them will be considered mandatory from December 5 onwards.

Vaccination needs to be done on the seventeen million Health care workers by January 4. For health workers, federal testing is not available.

US life expectancy takes a hit from the pandemic.

Life expectancy because of covid has fallen through different nations around the world. For American Men, it fell about 2.3 years, and for women, it fell about 1.6 years. For Russian men, 2.33 years drop and for women 2.14 years has been reported. US life expectancy has fallen since 2019 with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. This study was made by the study of 37 nations in the British Medical Journal.

This decline could only be minimized by very few countries. This prediction is made by the Oxford University, public health researchers by looking into the 37 countries having middle to high income.

“More than twenty-eight million excess years of life were lost in the year 2020 in 31 different countries, with a higher rate of men than women,” the authors mentioned.

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