Apple’s AR headset could land next year and be more powerful than the iPhone 14

For a long time, we have heard rumours regarding that Apple is working on its secret project which is none other than an augmented reality AR or VR headset, and now it looks like the most awaited wearable could be less than a year away, and probably may launch in late 2020.

According to the greatest analyst with an amazing tracking record for Apple leaks Ming-Chi Kuo, in the research report seen by Mac Rumors.

According to Kuo, the headset will be accomplished of both AR and VR, with the concluding permitted by a pair of 4K Micro OLED displays from Sony. It will seemingly be power-driven by a chipset alike to the M1 that we have seen in some Macs and the iPad Pro 2021.

That is a sophisticated class of chipset than you will get in the iPhone range, so the Apple VR headset might practicably be even added prevailing than the iPhone 14, which may land at around a similar time.

Apple leaks reporter Kuo says that all this influence will clearly confine it can work autonomously of an iPhone or Mac, and that it will comprise a second lower-end processor that will power the sensors in the device. This subordinate processor will deceptively be essential due to the huge quantity of sensor-related features.

For instance, it will deceptively have “at least 6-8 optical units to instantaneously offer unremitting video translucent AR services to users.”

It seems like a remarkable gadget then, and while we’d take it lightly, Kuo is frequently right, and the late 2022 release date claims are in line with other sources.

Our key worries are just the price, which a former leak put at around $3,000 (roughly £2,250 / AU$4,200), and the battery life, which might be a problem with so much tech to power.


Apple first an AR headset, then glasses!

If leaks are to be believed as true then Apple’s AR/VR headset is just the first step, with the firm preparing Apple Glasses for some time later. These would also be AR devices, but they would probably be far smoother more alike glasses than a headset. Think of a more refined form of Google Glass.

And with these products, the iPhone’s days could be totalled, as in the same explore statement as the AR headset specifics, according to 9to5 Mac, Kuo claimed that he trusts the iPhone will be exchanged by AR devices within ten upcoming years.

That’s the point why Kuo is so much assured that the Apple AR headset will work deprived of being tethered to a phone because Apple doesn’t want it just to be an accessory, the firm seemingly desires it or an alike wearable to one day be your main smart device

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