Apple Watch 7 Price leaks just hours ahead pre-orders



The good news is Apple Watch 7 series is finally on a pre-orders deals are live so. Now it’s up to you whether you will grab it with Pre-order deals are now live. If you will do a pre-order then, you can easily receive this wearable on 15th October Friday.

Apple Watch 7 Price leaks

The Apple Watch 7 is set to go up for pre-order at 5 am PT / 8 am ET / 1 pm BST / 11 pm AEDT today, and according to a fresh leak has provided us a vibrant look at the fresh smartwatch’s price for every model you can purchase in the US.

We’ve known the inexpensive variant would cost $399 ahead of pre-orders, but unlike with most other launches of the Apple, the company hasn’t publicized the prices for its bigger and more top-end models.

Jon Prosser, the famous tech leaker has shared some prices. He further says comes from “sources acquainted with the matter” that offers us our best sense yet regarding the cost of more expensive variants.

Prosser further stated that the given below information is absolutely correct for the US. We have yet to hear whatever for the Australian and UK price, so people will possibly have to wait until Apple’s pre-orders go live to check the models which you can afford to buy.

41mm Aluminum (GPS) $399

45mm Aluminum (GPS) $429

41mm Aluminum 41mm (GPS + Cellular) $499

45mm Aluminum (GPS + Cellular) $529

41mm Stainless Steel w/ Sport band (GPS + Cellular) $699

45mm Stainless Steel w/ Sport band (GPS + Cellular) $749

41mm Stainless Steel w/ Milanese Loop (GPS + Cellular) $749

45mm Stainless Steel w/ Milanese Loop (GPS + Cellular) $799

41mm Titanium (GPS + Cellular) $799

45mm Titanium (GPS + Cellular) $849

41mm Nike (GPS) $399

45mm Nike (GPS) $429

41mm Nike (GPS + Cellular) $499

45mm Nike (GPS + Cellular) $529

Take Prosser’s information may be uncertain, though. Before, Jon Prosser forecast a large design change for the Apple Watch 7 with more square edges, but that didn’t come to true.

No doubt this info seems to match the preceding of the Apple Watch, and we have perceived Prosser get leaks like this truthful in the past. We will definitely know more when the Apple website returns for pre-orders at 5 am PT / 8 am ET / 1 pm BST / 11 pm AEDT.

Apple Watch 7

Analysis: why Apple still not released this information?

It’s strange that Apple hasn’t publicized pricing data ahead of the Apple Watch 7 pre-orders.

The firm hasn’t remarked on the lack of detail, and it was only on Monday 4th October that we received the initial price for those in the United Kingdom and Australia.

Repeatedly Apple will publish complete pricing info for its approaching devices as soon as possible, so it’s a bit of a shock we haven’t perceived it do like for this release.

The Apple Watch 7 launch itself like a roller coaster and so much delay launch, with so many rumors and assumptions. Many people predicted that the Apple Watch 7 will land in September but surprisingly it pushed back the launch date due to production snags.

An analyst has told us that they suggested pre-ordering the Apple Watch 7 as quickly as possible if you want one in the future soon. No doubt the demand is comparatively too high and it’s believed the supply must be limited from the Apple side.

According to analysts, it’s better to Pre-order an Apple Watch 7 today only or you may have to wait until next year!

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