Apple Music Voice Plan everything we know till now!

Apple started off its Apple Unleashed event exposure by letting the world know that a new Apple Music plan was coming named the Voice Plan.

This new plan is half off the standard price of the Apple Music plan, it’s specially designed for those who like to use Siri to command their Apple devices.

However, controlled within that depiction is something rather enigmatic what does Voice Plan really mean? What music can you listen to? What are you losing by half the price? And many more things.

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Apple Music Voice Plan-How will it work?

Now the big question is, what you will get with this 5$ Voice Plan?  Fundamentally, Siri is your own personal DJ, permitting you to ask it to play you things wherever you can talk to the private assistant.

The best part is you can able to ask more things in terms of the types of music you like. Overall now it’s must be a broader side like you can give a voice command to play music like party playlist and hiking music.

Via Siri, now you will be able to skip songs and the artwork used suggests will be capable to tap the screen to jump through songs using Siri, and the artwork used proposes you will be capable to tap the screen to jump through- while we have not had that last point confirmed by Apple official.

The main thing that turns around is what’s meant by Siri because we all know this as voice assistance only, but you are also capable to see the songs that have been played freshly, as well as listener references. This sounds like there will be more functionality inside the Apple Music app, but there is no confirmation yet from Apple.

The things clear till now, is that the Apple Music Voice Plan is not designed for those who like to use hours curating their own playlists, using all the innovative features of the streaming service- its specially designed for you to ask Siri to play a definite category of music, and overall you can say this virtual assistant will now do hard work for you.

How is the Apple Music Voice Plan different from the standard subscription?  

Here we all are confused! The features you are losing are pretty clear which are like no lyrics, ability to download songs for offline playback, no downloading of Apple Radio shows, Spatial Audio and lossless playback will be missing and last but not least now you can’t see what your friends are listening to.

Now you can’t create the playlist of your favourite songs to listen to songs later, which definitely makes sense if you can’t truly type anything into the application itself and everything will be done by voice only. For example, you have to give commands like Hey Siri, add this song to my Playlist Name but that’s not on offer here.

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The release date of the Apple Music Voice Plan

Now the question is when you will be able to sign up for the Apple Music Voice Plan? No doubt the official site still showing Coming soon, and we have not been able to get such an exact answer.

Still, you can expect that the time in November which, coincidently, is when the new colors for the HomePod Mini will be released.

This will launch in 17 countries, which are Australia, Austria, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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Apple Music Voice Plan Price

When it comes to the price of the Voice Plan it will cost $4.99/month, which is half the price of the standard Apple music plan, and almost a third of the cost of the Family plan.

You will be able to sign up for this plan via Apple Music App or you can give the command to Siri to start your Apple Music Voice trial which will be 7 days without auto-renewing.

Apple Music Voice plan-which device will it work on?

No doubt the new plan will work on any Siri-enabled device which means it’s well compatible with devices like Air Pods, Beats headphones, iPhone or on HomePod Mini.

Overall you can say it just halved the tax on that final product, with it now 50% less cost to get the most out of the small speaker by merging it with Apple Music. Though it’s a bit surprising that Apple is not pushing a huge amount of music service with each purchase of a HomePod Mini, as that would assuredly be a no-brainer to remain, users, are in the convention of frequently playing new music with their voices.

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