Aaron Sorkin Attacks The Distorted Portrayal Of Succession Star Jeremy Strong In A New Yorker Piece

  • Aaron Sorkin attacks the “distorted portrayal” of “Succession” star Jeremy Strong in a New Yorker piece:

In a lengthy statement released online on Friday, director Aaron Sorkin expressed remorse for his role in Michael Schulman’s recent feature of “Succession” star Jeremy Strong in The New Yorker, calling the piece a “distorted portrait.”

“I felt compelled to speak out after reviewing Michael Schulman’s profile of Jeremy Strong, which I contributed to,” Sorkin wrote. “I believe I contributed to Mr. Schulman’s creation of a distorted image of Jeremy that invites us to scoff at his acting.”

Sorkin remarked, “I collaborated with Jeremy repeatedly on “Molly’s Game” and “The Trial of the Chicago 7.” “Mr. Schulman emailed me with a five-question survey. Here are the questions I was asked, as well as my responses.” Sorkin outlined Jeremy’s strategy in earlier shows by italicizing his five questions and following each with a worded paragraph reply, but Schulman did not utilize many responses.

At the end of his speech, Sorkin observed, “Only one and a half of these replies were used, which is fairly common.” “However, they were quotes concerning tear gas and kazoo playing.” “Let me be clear: Jeremy would never put a cast member, crew member, or anybody else in danger.”

“Aaron Sorkin has not had social media; therefore requested me to relay this word on his behalf xx,” actress Jessica Chastain tweeted in response to Sorkin’s words.

Aaron Sorkin Attacks The Distorted Portrayal Of Succession Star Jeremy Strong In A New Yorker Piece
Aaron Sorkin Attacks The Distorted Portrayal Of Succession Star Jeremy Strong In A New Yorker PieceBuck Henry
World premiere of the restored ‘A Star is Born’ during the opening Night Gala of the TCM Classic Film Festival in Los Angeles, America – 22 Apr 2010

The New Yorker article focuses on Strong’s method acting techniques, which has aroused a broad spectrum of reactions. Chastain backed Strong when the essay went viral. More individuals welcomed the feature as proof that Strong is a soon-to-be-recognized genius, as The Wrap observed in a separate story on initial remarks. Others speculated that he was presented as a real-life version of his “Succession” character Kendall Roy, a wounded, haphazard heir to a media conglomerate he portrays on HBO’s critically acclaimed series.

Others called the profile a hit piece, and others even interpreted it as the author’s classist, personal assault on Strong. Quite a few folks left with the impression that he’s a jerk. On Sunday, HBO and HBO Max will broadcast the Season 3 finale of “Succession.”

Jeremy Strong is defended by Aaron Sorkin and Jessica Chastain from a not-so-nice New Yorker profile:

The recent New Yorker feature of Succession actor Jeremy Strong has served as a Rorschach test for many people online. That is, almost everyone who reads Michael Schulman’s (undeniably intriguing) description of Strong’s entire vibe appears to have a different take on what it would be like to spend an extended period with him on a movie or TV set.

While most people appear to have received a feeling of the writer’s passion for his undoubtedly emotional subject from Schulman’s work, at least one former co-star has grown visibly enraged at what she perceives to be a hit piece on her buddy.

To wit, Jessica Chastain is upset with the New Yorker story, to the point that she’s shared an editorial from The Telegraph on social media defending her Molly’s Game co-star. And she’s now put up a letter from director Aaron Sorkin (who’s cited in the New Yorker piece) backing Strong.

Sorkin’s response is mainly concerned with providing complete answers to five questions Schulman posed for the story, which appear to be centered on some of Strong’s more outlandish on-set conduct.

Even though we’re not persuaded that affluent, well-connected Emmy winners need such a full-throated defense at the time, considering how fascinated everyone is with Strong’s performance in this season of Succession already. It’s kind of lovely in a standing up for your pals kind of way.

Chris Jericho, a WWE and AEW icon, has canceled another Fozzy show and provided an update on his health following his hospitalization:

According to “situations outside [the band’s] power,” Chris Jericho, a WWE and AEW veteran, has canceled another Fozzy event. Following his hospitalization earlier this week, the wrestling star, who has been with All Elite Wrestling since its founding in 2019, has been touring the United Kingdom with his band. Still, a second show scheduled for tonight in Nottingham has been postponed.

‘We are very sorry, but due to circumstances beyond our control, Fozzy will not be able to perform in Nottingham tomorrow,’ the band stated in a tweet published by the Rescue Rooms venue. There is no other information available now, and there is no word on the event scheduled for tomorrow night at London’s O2 Academy Islington.

Aaron Sorkin Attacks The Distorted Portrayal Of Succession Star Jeremy Strong In A New Yorker Piece
Aaron Sorkin Attacks The Distorted Portrayal Of Succession Star Jeremy Strong In A New Yorker Piece

From the first story, Jericho declared in a statement to the Wrestling Observer, “I’m doing good.” ‘Everything they needed to do for the evening was keeping an eye over me, and I’m in the correct location.’ This has nothing to do with COVID. According to Jericho, the band’s next album, Boombox, will be released in April 2022. ‘Judas was a wonderful breakthrough for Fozzy, both the album and the song,’ he stated in a statement.

‘It propelled us to the next level, establishing us as legitimate rock radio players and live performers.’ Consequently, we realized we needed to follow up with a career-defining record, and Boombox is that album. Meanwhile, Fozzy had previously canceled a gig at Swansea’s Sin City after the venue said that Jericho had been hospitalized for a ‘non-Covid related, minor health condition.’ ‘Tonight, we were heartbroken to learn that Fozzy would have to cancel their planned performance with us in Swansea tomorrow,’ the venue announced on its Facebook page on Thursday night.

‘Doctors checked Chris into the clinic with a non-Covid related, controllable health problem,’ the band wrote in a statement. The concert in Swansea scheduled for Friday has been postponed, and they will return all reservations. They’ll also have as much information as possible on Saturday’s show in Nottingham and Sunday’s extravaganza in London.’

Sin City apologized for the “unavoidable shortness of the notification we can provide you” and wished Jericho a “remarkably speedy recovery.” Several fans responded to the announcement by saying that they had already gotten refunds, even though the band had already performed in Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow, Dublin, Belfast, Chester, Birmingham, and Bournemouth.

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