Everything We Know About Thedas Upcoming RPG, Dragon Age 4

For the first time in a long time, the Dragon Age team will be reunited in Thedas Upcoming RPG, Dragon Age 4. For long years, the existence of the upcoming Dragon Age was one of the most frequently hinted and never fully confirmed mysteries in gaming.

Since the ending DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition clarified that Thedas’ story was far from over, we’ve been awaiting another Dragon Age game. Bio Ware has spent years avoiding any formal confirmation that a fourth Dragon Age game is in the works, but it has finally said it is working on the next round. Despite the proof, we have a few teaser trailers, a behind-the-scenes film, and concept art to go on.

According to reports, Dragon Age 4 has retooled as a purely single-player game, with Bio Ware describing it as a “single-player centered experience.” That may be a considerable concern because we wondered how EA’s online service game ambitions would influence Bio Ware’s traditionally single-player franchise.

Although we haven’t seen any gameplay or even a title for Dragon Age 4, Bio Ware has started to release teasers and concept art more often since the summer of 2020. While we wait for the official announcement, here’s all we know about Dragon Age 4’s plot, release date, previews, protagonists, and more.

We don’t yet know when Dragon Age 4 will be released. We are aware that it is most likely still a long distance off. In August 2020, Casey Hudson, the company’s general manager at the time, said Dragon Age 4 was still in “early production.”

They also discussed Dragon Age during EA’s October 2019 earnings report. The details were sparse and non-committal, although CFO Blake Jorgensen stated that the next Dragon Age game “probably arrives after fiscal [2022],” which means after April 2022. Jorgensen also warns that such predictions are rarely made more than a few years in advance. It’s difficult to tell if “fiscal ’22” is a bold prediction or a cautious one, so we’ll have to wait and see.

“Please know that the crew is heading down with a lot of energy and making fantastic progress,” executive producer Christian Dailey remarked in July 2021.

Aside from that, the teaser indicates that, as is Dragon Age custom, the next game will have a new protagonist. Oh, and it’s pretty attractive. The tale appears to be moving away from its filthy Ferelden beginnings and toward some of the world’s more majestic and colorful magic.

According to Kotaku, dragon Age, four was rebuilt as a “live” game in early 2018 to meet better EA’s goal for “games as a service” that might earn income after initial launch sales.

However, as of 2021, Dragon Age 4 has dropped all multiplayer components to remain a single-player game. This announcement comes only days after Bio Ware revealed intentions to stop working on Anthem, the live-service sci-fi game they’d been trying to revamp since its terrible response in 2019. It’s now being referred to as a “single-player centered experience” by Bio Ware.

It appears to be a solid move based on the studio’s previous successes. It’s official, Tevinter. Given less and less ending of Dragon Age Inquisition’s final DLC, a 2019 report on the ongoing popularity, and the short tale collection Tevinter Nights from 2020, we’d been working on this premise for years. Bio Ware recognized it in their extensive studio history book “Bio ware: Stories and Mysteries from 25 Years of Game Design.”

“The game, spearheaded by executive producer Mark Darrah, will take a player to Tevinter as the events of Inquisition and Serial offender threaten to change Thedas,” says a section titled. “Tevinter Bound a sneak peek at the follow-up to Inquisition” at the book’s end, looking ahead to Bio Ware’s future. Darrah departed Bio Ware and was replaced by Christian Dailey, but the rest of the material is likely current.

Tevinter has yet to make an official appearance in a Dragon Age game, despite the mages’ nation being frequently referenced, and we’ve had multiple party members from up north.

It’s probable that, like Inquisition, Dragon Age 4 won’t be based just in one country but will also travel to other countries. Some of the concept art from Bio Ware’s studio history book matches what we saw in their behind-the-scenes film from summer 2020. The Necropolis in Navarra and an Antivan Crow assassin are among the few pieces of artwork picked for the page, implying that we may be seeing these locales as part of the plot.

More proof that Dragon Age 4 will be a “single-player” game:

Dragon Age Day (D4, get it?) is celebrated on December 4. This year’s annual Dragon Age post from Bio Ware featured two short stories (one about Grey Wardens, the other about necromancers), as well as a word regarding Dragon Age 4: The Beginning. We’re looking forward to next year when we’ll be able to share more about our projects.”

The term “single-player centered experience” may not seem necessary. Still, it confirms a claim from earlier this year that Dragon Age 4 was being reworked to remove its intended live service capabilities.

In 2019, EA began “falling back on live activities,” as managing director Blake Jorgensen put it, and there were fears that Dragon Age 4 might follow Anthem’s multiplayer-focused approach. The collapse of Anthem and the success of the single-player action-adventure Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order led EA to abandon all plans for multiplayer in Dragon Age 4.

Matt Goldman had worked with the studio since 1998, working on games like Baldur’s Gate and never winter Nights. When Mike Laidlaw departed Dragon Age 4, he took over as creative director.

Following a century of waiting, among the most problematic RPGs of all period is getting an expansion:

Kingdoms of Amalur are a lengthy and terrible narrative that begins with celebrity developers and ends in a salty quagmire of unpaid employees, a bankrupt game corporation, and tax fraud claims. When it was all said and done, Curt Schilling, the creator of 38 Studios, consented to a $2.5 million settlement, putting Rhode Island taxpayers on the line for another $28.2 million.

The fact that Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is fairly fantastic adds to the melancholy of the situation. THQ Nordic bought the game’s license in 2018, but a premaster appeared doubtful given the complexities of intellectual property rights, but we got one a few years later, and we’re receiving a whole new expansion called Fate sworn in less than two weeks.

Fate sworn was first revealed over a year ago, but with little information other than the title. We now have further information: The expansion will take place in Mithras, a brand-new territory in Amalur with cold tundra’s, deep tunnels, mountain settlements, and Crown hold, the ancient lakeside metropolis. Telogrus, the God of Chaos, has risen and is recruiting adherents to his cause in this frigid world, threatening the fragile calm that followed the conclusion of the Crystal War.

When the expansion was revealed, Fraser was concerned that it would overburden an “already notoriously bloated” RPG, and although that is yet to be seen, Fate certainly sounds meaty. It will have a new main quest with a raised level maximum, 25 brand new Chaos dungeons, new adversaries, weapons, armor sets, crafting materials, and more that will follow the conclusion of the classic game. Fate sworn will have “a tone of new side quests, task quests, and faction tasks to undertake” in addition to the main questline.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning Fate sworn will cost $20/£18/€20, or $55/£48/€55 if purchased as part of the Fate Edition package.

Nvidia RTX 2060 12GB upgraded cards would not be eligible for Creators Editions:

Because of the present market urgency, we talked about Nvidia’s 12GB upgrades to cards like the RTX 2060 long before they were officially available. The company’s decision to keep selling Turing architecture cards seems unusual. Still, with everyone trying to obtain everything they could during the scarcity, these were looking like a glimmer of hope.

The Nvidia RTX 2060 12GB upgrade was expected to be a superb affordable gaming card available on store shelves. It was supposed to be a terrific, affordable option, but that’s looking less and less likely.

Nvidia has subsequently deleted the entry from the specifications page, according to Tech-Power-Up (via Video card). According to a statement, they placed it there by mistake, and unique designs created by partners will be accessible.

It means there won’t be a tremendous low-cost Founders Edition of this card to help establish the pricing tone. Board partners will determine their rates, which will be greater because they already have more significant margins. This will be amplified by the settings and other options available on the boards.

According to the company, the Game Awards ‘will not be a part of Activision Blizzard. Geoff Keighley had this to say:

Every year, there is a trailer festival with several awards. The Game Awards are just days away, and host Geoff Keighley has confirmed that Activision Blizzard would be absent “beyond its nominees.”

The Game Awards are taking place this year. “A time of celebration for this business, the world’s largest form of entertainment,” he stated on Twitter. Abusive, harassing, or exploitative behavior has no place in any company or community. I also recognize that we have a powerful platform to accelerate and inspire change. We’re committed, but we all need to work together to build a better, more inclusive environment in which everyone feels safe developing the best games in the world.”

Since the Department Of environmental of Fair Housing and Employment filed a lawsuit alleging place of work discriminatory practices against Activision Blizzard in July, allegations like Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick threatening to kill an assistant have faced doubts about whether it’s suitable to promote the corporation during a commemoration of what’s best regarding gameplay.

“We want to help staff and developers,” he said, adding, “but we have to think carefully about how to move here.” Even though there are six massive games set to be shown, Keighley stated that neither Diablo 4 nor Overwatch 2 would be displayed at this year’s awards.

Blizzard usually keeps big announcements about its games for BlizzCon. At the same time, Activision has shown off its games at previous Game Awards, including a teaser for Call of Duty: Warzone’s first season last year.

This year’s Game Awards will be hosted in person, while they will also be live-streamed on more than 40 platforms. They will take place on December 9. There will be no NFT games, in addition to the lack of Activision Blizzard announcements.

AMD’s affordable offerings are dominated by the impending Intel Core i3 12100:

Fastest has leaked an early evaluation of Intel’s new Core i3 12100 processor. According to the assessment, the Core i3 12100 is the 12th Gen Alder Lake line’s baby and might be more than a match for AMD’s affordable offerings today.

It is a 4C/8T processor because there are no E-Cores. It features a 12MB L3 cache, a 60W base TDP, and a 77W maximum turbo power. It implies it won’t put a strain on your wallet. It will integrate Intel’s Xe-graphics as a non-F CPU. The CPU can supposedly run at 4.3 GHz, but because we’re looking at an engineering sample, it’s vital to remember that final numbers are subject to change.

The Core i3 12100, as opposed to AMD’s Zen 2, powered Ryzen 3 3300X & 3100X in X-Fastest. Both CPUs have four cores. AMD has yet to produce any retail versions based on the Ryzen 3 processor; however, we may learn more about this at CES. It suggests that the 12100 is a good budget alternative for gamers, especially those who play popular e-sports games where high-end CPUs are overdone.

The i3 12100 will surely provide entry-level PCs with a boost in performance. Users with previous Intel four-core processors that lacked hyperthreading would see a significant increase in multithreading speed.

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