The Voice 2022 Schedule, starts dates, judges everything you should know

For the past eleven years, “The Voice” has been a backbone of NBC’s spring calendar, characteristically thrusting off in February or March and successively running through complete May. That will not be the case in 2022. For the very first time in the genuineness TV show’s history, “The Voice” is capering the spring season as it progresses on charming more of an event series that only airs one cycle per year. What does this truly going forward?  who will be the voice 2022 winner? For everything to know about “The Voice” Season 22, together with its possible coaches and opening date.


The announcement of Voice 2022  

Network managerial Frances Berwick exposed to Deadline in May 2021, “We want to manage the event as a  famous series. We think ‘The Voice’ will be on NBC for a very long time to come and we trust the best way to defend the brand, while also super-serving fans, is to produce one wonderful cycle this year.” Most other reality TV shows even now follow this once-per-year format, together with “American Idol” on ABC, which airs every spring and will thus no longer face straight rivalry from “The Voice.”

The Voice 2022
The Voice 2022

The Judges of Voice 2022

What would “The Voice” be deprived of Blake Shelton? He is the lone judge to pop up in all 21 seasons so far, and so it appears like a no-brainer that he would need to reappearance for Season 22. Kelly Clarkson has appeared in every cycle since Season 14, while John Legend has been a regular fixture since Season 16. The fourth big red chair tends to be a revolving door of sorts, with recent A-listers like Ariana Grande, Nick Jonas and Gwen Stefani all taking turns sitting in it. Stay tuned for an official announcement on the judges of Voice 2022.

The voice 2022 start date and time

Time limit points out that NBC’s alteration to one season of The Voice per year means it will no longer air at a similar time of the year as talent show contestant American Idol. Over the years, Idol has aired one season per year in the spring. The Voice 2022 start date will be  27th February on ABC.

The voice 2022 schedule

Since the fall cycle of “The Voice” classically débuts on the third or fourth Monday in September, that means the voice 2022 schedule could debut on either 19th September or 26th September. NBC will confirm the date in due time. Either way, you can suppose a two-night opening on Monday and Tuesday nights, as the coaches start construction their teams in the blind audition round.

The format of Voice 2022

“The Voice” constantly starts with the blind auditions, in which ambitious artists sing to the backs of the coaching panel. If a judge likes what they hear, they push their “I Want You” button, which turns their chair around. If more than one coach pushes their button, then the artist gets to pick which team they want to join. Ensuring that early round, the show spindles to the clashes and knockouts, which is when the coaches pare down their teams, and lastly to the live playoffs, which is when America gets to vote for their chosen performers.

The competition

If the first 21 cycles of “The Voice” have educated us whatever, it’s that the coaches want to win just as much as their artists. Blake has achieved the most championships so far with eight: Jermaine Paul (Season 2), Cassadee Pope (Season 3), Danielle Bradbery (Season 4), Craig Wayne Boyd (Season 7), Sundance Head (Season 11), Chloe Kohanski (Season 13), Todd Tilghman (Season 18) and Cam Anthony (Season 20). Kelly is next in line with four triumphs: Brynn Cartelli (Season 14), Chevel Shepherd (Season 15), Jake Hoot (Season 17) and Girl Named Tom (Season 21). And John took a single victory with Maelyn Jarmon (Season 16).

The legacy of Voice 2022

After 11 years and 21 seasons, “The Voice” is one of NBC’s most worthwhile TV shows of all time. In addition to being an evaluations steamroller and a stage to launch megastar singers, “The Voice” is also an awards magnet. It’s won a total of seven Emmy Awards, together with four for Best Competition Series (2013, ’15, ’16, ’17).

The Voice 2022
The Voice 2022

The Voice Season 22 cast updates

There are no such updates on who will be back for The Voice Season 22. In Season 21, there were three recurring Judges of Voice 2022 with Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, and John Legend. They were also joined by a brand-new judge in Ariana Grande. However, there is a possibility that the lineup is switched up in Season 22.

There have been a lot of gossips that Season 21 was the last season for Blake Shelton. The gossips specified that NBC wants to bring in someone else young like Ariana Grande to help increase the younger audience numbers.

Though, astonishingly, Ariana Grande didn’t have a sole person in the finals, showing that her age and approval didn’t translate into people voting for a champion.

There is no assurance that Ariana Grande will reappearance next season. She showed through the season that the show was overwhelming for her. She was often left in tears when her singers went home, and there is a chance she wouldn’t want to experience that again.

The reappearance of Kelly Clarkson is almost guaranteed, and John Legend should be back as well. Carson Daly will also almost surely be back as the host.

If any of the coaches leave the show, there is a good chance that some older coaches could return, including Gwen Stefani. There is also a chance NBC could reach out to another young star like Ariana Grande to join the lineup and bring in young viewers again.

We will update this article when NBC reveals the Judges of Voice 2022. 

How can I watch and stream The Voice?

When The Voice season 22 air, you can watch novel episodes on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. Don’t have a TV? No issue! You can tune in to NBC via live streaming services like YouTube TV, Sling TV and fuboTV. The journey to watch the voice 2022 winner will be definitely interesting and exciting for you guys.

In case you are not preparing on viewing the show in real-time, you can catch full episodes the next morning on or on the NBC app. Otherwise, if you have a Hulu subscription, novel episodes of The Voice become accessible on the streaming service the following day. New subscribers can go Hulu with a 30-days free trial. After that, you can select to keep your subscription starting at $5.99 per month.

Finally, if you are signed up for Peacock, then no need to worry you are all set to start streaming The Voice. But if you haven’t yet, the singing competition series is accessible to watch on the service’s free tier. All you need to do is enter your email and pay for the subscription to watch the show.

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  1. I just hope Ariana Grande is NOT returning. She came off as pompous and fake. I got sick of her referring to Blake as grandpa when he is only 14 years older than she is. Also her mannerisms in response to artists singing seemed over the top and fake. Is she beautiful, yes, but who cares. Gwen Stefani is beautiful but seems like a real person. I also loved the quirky Nick Jonas when he was on The Voice. PLEASE, don’t bring Ariana Grande back!


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