The Netflix app on Android is broken, but only for some!

You can’t open your favourite OTT platform Netflix app on Android, and it’s motivating you up to the wall. No longer you can play your favourite series or movie on your android smartphone while breakfast and much more.

While a major Netflix indignation smash users all around the world on 18th October and has apparently been fixed, there are tireless problems opening the Netflix app on Android, even if it’s for a minority of users.

When people try to open the Netflix app on their smartphone they are frequently met by an unhappy looking satellite sketch, asking them to try again. It’s small progress over the gloomier “Sorry, we could not reach the Netflix Service, please try again later message I’d been getting throughout the outrage.

When we chat with the Netflix support, we have been told that the Android issue is a lively issue and a well-known issue, but there is no such info when this is underway signifying that Netflix is not sure at what point the issue started.

Its advice by the Netflix customer service to force stop the app and open overview of the android app and close the app manually, restart my phone, and then try to update to the newest version available on the play store which will be the 7.120 version of Netflix.

Again, people are trying to update the app, but poking it frequently doesn’t do anything meanwhile people even launch the app four times in this situation, which may work for some, even if did not work for many users.

Netflix helps me, please!

Eventually, this Netflix matter seems not to be too extensive. Some users are not reporting any kind of issue, and the platform seems to be operating super fine and smooth across iOS browsers, and smart TV apps, which will make for the devastating mainstream of users anyways.

You can make do without the android app for a time, but it does limit the suppleness of opening your Netflix account on the fly.

If you are facing this or any related issue, then let us know. Given Netflix’s continuing uproar over the Dave Chappell special, though, it might be worthy to devote time with other TV streaming services till the platform actually takes some action.  

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