At the Request of the Feds, Schools will be Providing COVID-19 Shots For the kids

Along with Dr. Vivek Murthy, who is a Surgeon General, the first lady Jill Biden visited the pediatric clinic of Covid 19 vaccination at the Franklin Sherman Elementary School in McLean, Virginia. They spoke to the teachers, students, parents, and the whole staff about the ongoing coronavirus and its prevention.

She was presented with an origami of Rubik’s cube by a student in the fourth grade named Dennis Larson. This effort was to convince the parents of children of age groups five to eleven to get their kids vaccinated, as it is a much safer option for them than any other solution right now.

Virus Outbreak and the Kids Vaccination

The quick access and provision of vaccination and immunization to the kids of age between 5 to eleven has been provided. The White House has done its job now. The responsibility is of the citizens to follow the rules and get themselves and their kids vaccinated, which will be for their own safety.

For this great cause, the school districts in the locality are being supported by the Biden administration for hosting clinics to provide awareness and information to parents and to get the kids vaccinated as fast as possible.

The Franklin Sherman Elementary School in McLean, Virginia, was visited by Jill Biden, who is the first lady, along with the surgeon general Dr. Vivek Murthy. They together took this step to visit this school as they knew the school carries historical importance.

It was the first school back in the year 1954 that agreed to administer the polio vaccine. So for the promotion of this vaccine, they launched a huge awareness campaign starting from this school, which carries historically important.

This campaign and the visiting of Jill Biden began as soon as the Covid 19 vaccination for the five to eleven years of kids was recommended and considered safe by the regulators of the federal government.

This was further addressed by the White House that in the coming weeks, this campaign will not stop but instead become widespread to promote the vaccination. Different pediatric clinics will be visited by her for this sake throughout the country.

After visiting clinics where about two hundred and sixty students were recently vaccinated, and While addressing to parents at the school criteria, she mentioned that the best way for the protection of their children is immunization against the deadly coronavirus; Jill Biden further emphasized that it is considered safe through prolonging testing and reviews that guaranteed its safety.

The vaccination for children is not only safe but free too, so the parents do not need to worry about the financial costs.

Miguel Cardona, who is the Education Secretary, and Xavier Becerra, who is the Health and Human Services Secretary and assistant, took the initiative to order the schools to arrange vaccination centers within the schools to promote vaccinations.

In order To hype up this activity, the schools are offered by the government officials that federal covid relied on money would be provided to them in order to support the vaccination of children. They are doing this by sending letters, making calls, and doing everything possible to support vaccination and immunization to fight coronavirus that has destroyed all country’s economies.

Whenever there has been a vaccine created to fight off the ongoing epidemic or pandemic, there also comes the rumors and misinformation. For the spread of misinformation, social media and news channels play a huge role.

Either it’s a celebrity who shared his personal views without proper research or some news channel that likes to create hatred against the government; either way, the misinformation that spreads is inevitable. But there exists a solution that is to spread awareness to counter this misinformation. The Biden administration is urging the schools to share benefits and the right information regarding the vaccination. They are also providing funds and tools to schools for this cause.

The American Academy of Pediatrics is being encouraged by the white house to make schools join hands with the local physicians so that they can help provide science and testing-based information regarding the vaccination to the kids, parents, and staff. Along with the fact sheets and detailed discussion, This would provide to be more effective than the usual campaigns.

Parents were told by the First lady Jill Biden that is worrying about their children is natural for any parent. Parenting is a huge responsibility, so everyone is scared and worried about the hundred things that could go wrong. But with vaccination, we can at least eliminate one problem right now, which is a big one. She said she could not make promises that the threats of this world would decrease; instead, what we all can do is wait.

Pfizer vaccine is considered safe for five to eleven age groups through a lot of research and study. They have made enough vaccines to provide for every child in the US as The United States has about twenty-eight million population of kids of this eligible age group of 5 to 11.

Three thousand and one hundred kids were vaccinated, and their symptoms were carefully studied, and there was no issue found by the Food and Drug Administration of the US. Also, Pfizer itself studied about 2268 children and found 91 percentage points of the vaccination proved to be effective in preventing the coronavirus symptoms.

Even though the kids are protected against the Covid 19 severity, then why should they get vaccinated? Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is the government’s top infectious diseases expert, answered this question and said that It is because even though they might be the ones affected, they can still be the carries and as the delta variant spreads really fast, so it Is dangerous for everyone to leave the kids unvaccinated.

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