Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti GPU spotted in a leaked gaming laptop benchmark

We informed a couple of weeks ago that Nvidia is all set to announce an RTX 3080 Ti laptop graphics card, and cheers to a new Geekbench leak there’s additional heft to improve to that speculation.

VideoCardz information that an undetermined HP Omen laptop is prepared with an Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake CPU together with Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Laptop GPU. Some of these also recorded ‘Nvidia Graphics Device’ for the driver’s name which doesn’t give us abundant to work with, but specified this is all unverified info anyhow, try not to take anything as gospel. Much like the mobile RTX 3080, the RTX 3080 Ti guises like it will craft with 16GB of VRAM.

The rumour about higher-end notebook GPUs from Nvidia has been hovering around for relatively some time nowadays, though former leaks recommended that an RTX 3080 Super was premeditated rather than the present Ti distribution. Naming settlements sidewise, the SKU for this model of the mobile GPU apparently approves that it will feature 58 Compute Units, each carrying 128 CUDA cores.


After some straightforward mathematics, we can assume that the RTX 3080 Ti mobile will have 7,424 CUDA cores over the 6,144 featured in the mobile RTX 3080, though 256 CUDAs seem to have been restricted for this variant. The Vulcan score is an honestly remarkable 90,114 points, which truly sets it underneath the standard RTX 3080 laptop GPU usual score of 91,130, but we assume this number will modification after drivers have been confirmed and the whole thing has been modified.

If we have to risk a presumption, a declaration around CES 2022 looks probable, so take things with a squeeze of salt for here and now and expectantly, we’ll have authorisation on a probable presentation by January.

Analysis: What does this mean for Nvidia RTX 4000?

Rumours and speculations for an innovative addition to the Ampere RTX 3000 series of mobile graphics cards have been circulating for months, with approximations that they could be revealed early in 2022. Given the continuing silicon scarcity, it feels like a rare time for Nvidia to be concentrating its exertions on a fresh laptop GPU, specifically when the present lineup senses impartially well balanced, but no doubt people will be eager to get their hands on a new, influential gaming laptop once they seem in the wild.

We also know that Nvidia is presently working on its RTX 4000 series, named ‘Lovelace’, but this innovative generation is now anticipated to look around the end of 2022, which would appropriate the timeline prospects set by preceding releases.

To Whyd, it would assuredly make more sense to emphasise efforts on generating a well-proportioned lineup of RTX 4000 mobile GPUs rather than churn out another accumulation to the existing family, but as we have no mode of expressive for sure that Lovelace will release by this time next year, this could be in research for an interruption on RTX 4000 gaming laptops.

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