Apple Watch 8: what we want to see!

Now the Apple Watch 7 is available for people and we are already turning out thoughtfulness to the Apple Watch 8, and we are not only there are many rumours now on the Apple’s upcoming wearable, though this Watch is probably won’t launch before September 2022.

Here today we are going to provide you with everything that we have to find so far about the upcoming speculated Apple Watch 8, including all the information like price, features and much more along with the speculated release date. So are you excited? Yeah! We know, let’s start with more details without wasting any valuable time.  We will also give you all the updates when the new Apple Watch 8 will launch with a dedicated post along with all features and specifications.


Apple Watch 8 release date and price

Though there is no official news yet regarding the launch of Watch 8, this is one thing that people are guessing it and also speculating so many things on this upcoming wearable of Apple Watch 8. People are speculating that Apple may announce this watch in September to their release years, and in most cases have gone on sale in the same month.

More precisely, based on the past form we can expect Apple will reveal the Apple Watch 8 on either the first or second Tuesday in September. There is a decent chance that people will get a chance to pre-order it on the Friday of that week (9 to 16 th September) and it will ship around Friday which is probably in-between 16 to 23 September.

There is no assurance of the shipping as now Apple watch 7 didn’t ship until 15th October of 2021, but there is no surprise when it comes to big companies like Apple.

Though we don’t know what will be the cost of the Apple Watch 8, as we speculate there is a good chance it will have almost a similar price tag to the Watch 7, so the speculated price maybe somewhere around $399.

News and Rumors on Apple Watch 8

We found few Apple Watch 8 rumours, comprising a proposal that it might be bigger than the Apple Watch 7.

This comes from a leaker who’s been accurate about Apple predictions in the past, saying that there could be three rather than two sizes for the Apple Watch 8, with the fresh one being a larger option. They don’t say how huge it would be, but we would take this with a pinch of salt given that the screen on the 45mm Apple Watch 7 is already pretty big by smartwatch standards.

Next, there is a claim that the Apple Watch 8 could comprise a body temperature sensor. This claim comes from Ming-Chi Kuo, who has a great track record for Apple leaks.

We know from patent applications that Apple is working on the temperature sensor for a long, and it could be a valuable feature to aid you to judge whether you’re in an appropriate state to work out, as a raised temperature could mean you’re not at your best or are even in the initial stages of developing the flu or another illness.

The Apple Watch 8 might be able to track some combination of blood pressure, blood sugar, and alcohol levels. That theory is based on Apple has become the biggest customer of a company that focuses on sensors to track those things.

However, while this proposes that Apple is extremely working on at least some of that, it doesn’t promise that this will be prepared for the Apple Watch 8. We also wouldn’t imagine seeing all of those sensors, with blood sugar tracking perhaps being the most likely, as that was previously rumoured for inclusion in the Apple Watch 7.

Apple Watch 8

What do we want to see?

The recently launched Apple Watch 7 is overall a small upgrade on the Apple Watch 6, so we want more substantial changes for the Apple Watch 8, including the following things

1. Better battery life

As per our test, we found that the Apple Watch 7 lasts almost 24 hours, which is higher than the claim of Apple and yet this is not enough because if the upcoming device will have loaded with so many features then it will juice more battery power.

If you compare with other wearables Apple is still behind because some of the wearables are even last for weeks.

So for Apple Watch 8, we are waiting to see huge battery life significantly improved. Preferably it should be at least double what we are getting with the Apple Watch 7, but that’s possibly not going to happen.

2. Improved workouts and sleep tracking

The new Apple Watch 7 can successfully track several workouts, but it shortages some of the important features. For instance, when tracking a run, you don’t get heart rate alerts or interval sessions.

While sleep tracking is present, it miscarries to provide much in the way of deep perceptions into how you slept or how you could improve your sleep.

So we are expecting to see both of these things settled further for Apple Watch 8. If Apple can do this in terms of a software update for all the previous models too then it will be better.

3. More health features

When it comes to the features no doubt Apple Watch 7 was very casual, so we really feel like the new upcoming Apple 8 watch need some remarkable and bigger additions, and definitely with loads of advanced health-focused features. According to rumours, the new feature may be a body temperature sensor, a blood pressure monitor, a blood sugar monitor, or even the ability to track your alcohol levels, any or all of these health features would be an amazing change, everyone love, to see.

4. A new look

Before the launch of the Apple Watch 7, there were rumours that the wearable could undergo a substantial redesign, with flat edges rather than rounded ones and while the watch did have some changes, all they truly changed was a bigger screen and smaller bezels. So for Apple Watch 8, we are expecting a redesigned of flatter edges with a larger display.

5. A better chipset

No doubt the new Apple Watch 7 has already a new chipset, but it’s fundamentally the same as the chipset in the Apple Watch 6, its just redesigned to perfectly fit into the chassis.

Though this doesn’t feel any kind of power lacking it’s very unsatisfactory that Apple didn’t endure to push things forward on this front, especially when other big products of Apple iPhone 13 and iPad Pro 11 have had big chipset upgrades.

People are expecting this time a better and fresh chipset than the current Apple 7 watch. So What’s your view on Apple Watch 8 let us know under the comment section.

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