How Does a Pandemic Start to Loosen Up?

More than two million to three million people have taken flights this Sunday. This is just about equal to the travel route before the covid pandemic. These flights will soon come into function completely, and there will be no more vaccination checks. The international limitations imposed on travel will soon be lifted. This does not mean that the pandemic is completely over, but it shows that the Covid cases have seen a drop of about 75000.

Children are back to school with vaccinations and no apparent infection. Older students are advised to wear a mask at all times to keep the virus from transmitting.

Seeing the Halloween celebrations can easily help us understand that people now want relief from Covid. They have been isolated and depressed for so long that they are doing their best to live on these holidays.

The pandemic now seems to be slowing down, giving us all some room to breathe with the hope that soon it will be all over.

Jennifer Nuzzo, who is an epidemiologist at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, mentioned this “I think for most people, it just fades into the background of their lives.” when she was asked about what she thinks will happen, will the pandemic stop or continue. “It doesn’t end. We just stop caring. Or we care a lot less,” she replied.

The many States which have a cold temperature, especially the ones with snow most times of the year, like Alaska, have faced very high Covid cases than the other states. If we compare the last year’s results, we see that by this time, the covid cases started increasing, and by January, they were at their peak. That is because, in winters, the respiratory viruses become stronger and affect the weakened immune system more.

The virus SARS-CoV2 was guessed to be eliminated, but later its cases emerged again. This rise of cases was seen again due to the virus’s rapid mutation, which made it become more infectious. These opportunistic diseases are hard to control as they would keep mutating.

The officials from the Biden administrations and the experts of this deadly disease even fail to make any authentic predictions about this virus.

The Covid 19 is not leaving anytime soon; that is a given, so the general population in the United States is adapting themselves to a new way. This way is to acknowledge the existence of the virus but still adapt to the nonlethal pathogen. This has made the Covid cases decline more.

“I think it is becoming slowly part of the furniture,” mentioned Andrew Noymer, who is an epidemiologist at Irvine at the University of California. Andrew has stopped wearing his N95 mask instead; he wears a simple mask now; adding to this, he replied, “I do not want to wear scuba gear everywhere I go. This is just a part of the human environment now.”

He does not want to stop traveling to new places and dining with his family forever. He has been vaccinated, so he knows that he is in the best condition offered till now. This is the best it will get, he believes.

“My feeling now is that we are nearing a steady-state where things might get a little better or worse – for the next few years. It is not great, but it is what it is,” Wachter had mentioned in an email received.

“There is no cavalry coming for us, so decisions now should be made on this being something near steady-state. To me, specifically, once I got my booster, it prompts me to accept a bit more risk – mainly because if I am not comfortable doing it now, I am basically saying that I will not do it for several years, and maybe forever.”

Experts have now given in to this fool’s play too. They have concluded that the Covid can not be prevented. He said even though we can not prevent it completely, we can still make sure to control it so that more and more people are protected. The ideal goal would be to lessen down the covid cases to ten thousand daily by protecting the others from potential Covid attacks.

Ali Mokdad, who is an epidemiologist at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, predicted that the cases would emerge in the month of November, and in the middle of the cold winter, there will be the peak point of Covid. We should be more careful and sensitive to the rising cases, stressed Ali Mokdad. Some samples of the virus have shown to be stronger in winter, and some were stronger in other seasons.

Because of the rapid advance in Medicine and Health field, new kinds of drugs and better clinical procedures have improved the Covid situation. When the virus attacks first, the person does not feel anything, and the severity would be less than the other times. This part of the situation is hardest and needs more calculations to understand as so many people are getting sick and then walking again, looking and being all healthy.

“There is an end to it,” Fauci mentioned about the pandemic. “I do not believe that we are going to eradicate the virus anytime soon– we have only eliminated one virus in all of history, and that is simple smallpox. The good news is we are going in the right direction in the deflection of the curve.”

Fauci, this holiday would be hoping to see any one of his daughters for the very least. They will see each other for the Thanksgiving event. Last year Fauci who is an expert in public health would persuade the people to keep away from going on holidays and for packed indoor gatherings and parties. He is not just influential but also an expert.

Now that Christmas is around the corner, Fauci, just like everyone else, hopes for a reunion of the entire big family. He would be making timpano which is an Italian dish. His is shaped like a drum and is popular because of Stanley Tucci in a classic movie “Big Night” in the year 1996. It is a tradition of the Fauci family.

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