Lawsuits Over Workplace Vaccine Rule With Focus on States' Rights

Lawsuits Over Workplace Vaccine Rule With Focus on States’ Rights

A lot of the court cases led by the Republicans on Friday for President Joe Biden’s vaccine requirement for personal groups, putting in a high-stakes felony of showdown putting the federal authority in opposition to states’ rights. The requirements issued by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration on Thursday apply to the corporations of … Read More

Employee Steals Confidential Files From Pfizer

COVID-19 Pill Cuts Death and Hospital Risk by 90% – Pfizer

This Friday the Pfizer Inc mentioned that as the drugmakers have joined the conquest for an easy-to-use medication to treat the coronavirus, their antiviral pill experimentations for the coronavirus have cut the rates of death and hospitalization by an average of 90 percentage points in the adults who were under high threat. Currently, around the … Read More

Britain Approves Merck Pill for COVID Patients

Britain Approves Merck Pill for COVID Patients

As the winter is nearby, a rise of Covid cases will be seen during this cold season. Because of being packed inside their homes, the risks of infection spread are a lot more than usual. The cases have shot to an almost 500,000 increase in the past week, which is alarming. Around the twenty-seven states … Read More

Next Question for kids Vaccines?

The Next Question for kids Vaccines? School Mandates

The Center for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) approved this Tuesday that Pfizer-BioNTech’s coronavirus vaccine can be used on kids of age five to eleven years old. They have considered it safe for this age group. But since there have been no experimentations, we do not know what risk factors it carries. All the schools … Read More

How Does a Pandemic Start to Loosen Up?

How Does a Pandemic Start to Loosen Up?

More than two million to three million people have taken flights this Sunday. This is just about equal to the travel route before the covid pandemic. These flights will soon come into function completely, and there will be no more vaccination checks. The international limitations imposed on travel will soon be lifted. This does not … Read More

Omicron Infections

Covid is Fading From the Campaign Trail

The Covid epidemic has been ongoing for the past eighteen months. In all these months a lot has happened. Covid has played a major role in the political systems. Joe Biden has been lifted to the White House, commanding the attention of the electorate. But this might come to an end really soon. Although the … Read More