Biden Touts Vaccination Progress as Corona Cases Drop - COVID-19 updates.

Biden Touts Vaccination Progress as Corona Cases Drop – COVID-19 updates.

Thursday, President Joe Biden praised the workers and hospital staff for the country’s progress in facing and counter the COVID-19 Pandemic by successful vaccination efforts that have resulted in declining cases and hospitalization rates for the affected people. Biden’s remarks came a couple of hours before a government warning council consistently upheld booster shots of … Read More

Covid Vaccines for US Children are on the Way

Covid Vaccines for US Children are on the Way

New vaccines of COVID for children under the age of eleven and above five years will be soon authorized in early November for the U.S., and the tension rises as the specialist fears about injecting them into the kid’s arms. Only 33% of parents intend to vaccinate their youngsters when the antibodies are prepared, the … Read More

Epstein-Barr Virus Multiple Sclerosis

Epstein-Barr Virus Found to Trigger Multiple Sclerosis

A linking between the human herpesvirus Epstein-Barr and manifold sclerosis (MS) has long been alleged but has been tough to verify. Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) is the main cause of infectious mononucleosis and is so communal that 95 percent of adults transmit it. Contrasting Epstein-Barr, MS, an upsetting demyelinating ailment of the central nervous system, is … Read More


Merck seeks FDA emergency use authorization for antiviral Covid-19 treatment molnupiravir

Merck said Monday it is looking for US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) emergency procedure approval for its investigational antiviral Covid-19 treatment, molnupiravir. If approval is granted, the drug, prepared by Merck and Ridgeback Biotherapeutics, would be the first-ever oral antiviral treatment to fight Covid-19. It approaches in capsule form. Merck’s statement on FDA approval … Read More

Vitamin A treatment trial for Covid loss of smell

In a 12-week trial of the University of East Anglia, only some of the volunteer patients will get the treatment but all will be asked to smell powerful odors such as rotten roses and eggs. After the treatment, brain scans will check whether the vitamin A treatment has repaired the smell nerves or not. Loss … Read More


Colorado Woman Who Won’t Get COVID-19 Vaccine Denied Transplant

When a Colorado woman found out her hospital wouldn’t agree to her kidney transplant operation until she got the COVID-19 vaccine, she was left with a tough pronouncement fighting her health requirements in contradiction of her spiritual opinions. Eilani Lutali, a born-again Christian, went with her trust. Even though she has stage 5 kidney ailment … Read More

Covid antiviral pill

Covid antiviral pill can split risk of Hospitalisation

A drug experiment for severe Covid slashes the risk of hospitalization or death by about half, temporary clinical trial results suggest. The so-called Covid antiviral pill “Molnupirvir” was given twice a day to patients recently identified with the disease. U.S. drugmaker Merck said the result of this drug were so progressive that outside monitors had … Read More


California to Require COVID-19 Vaccine for Schoolchildren

California will become the first-ever U.S state to need COVID-19 vaccinations for children to join public and private schools in person in a mandate that could affect millions of students. Friday Gov.Gavin Newsom publicized that the coronavirus short will be added to ten other vaccinations already needed for school kids, comprising those for measles and … Read More