Apple iPhone 15 Pro will ditch the SIM card slot

This year, Apple has revealed its iPhone 13 lineup. The devices are still new, but we are by now seeing rumours and leaks for the next year’s iPhone 14 series. Today, we are receiving even more into the future as the first reports about the iPhone 15 are starting to appear. The modern bit says that the forthcoming flagship will not feature a physical SIM card slot starting with the iPhone 15 series in 2023.

The novel report comes from the Brazilian news outlet Blog do iPhone. Rendering to the report, the 2023 iPhone 15 Pro models will not have physical SIM card slots. In its place, they will depend completely on eSIM technology for connectivity.

iPhone 15 Pro

The source moreover claims that

  • These iPhones will come with dual eSIM support.
  • It will permit users to have two lines instantaneously, which is not common for iPhone users.
  • Though, it’s uncertain if the non-Pro models will also hang on completely on eSIM tech or endure to use physical SIM card slots.
  • This does not come as a large surprise, specifically with the eSIM inclusion.
  • Apple is one of the firms that are more attentive to making eSIMs a novel standard. The firm’s Watch lineup trusts completely on this new tech.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Rumors says it will be SIM card slotless

According to rumours, Apple’s aim is to move to a port less build for its iPhones. The firm ants to eliminate the SIM ports, and in the future will also leave the charging ports behind. For this goal line, the firm will need to depend on eSIM and also on wireless charging technology.

Now, the big question that remains is how Apple will deal with the fact that, in many countries, eSIM is not actually accessible. Therefore, the company may implement a resolution deprived of the SIM card and also another one using the traditional slot.

Obviously, we need to digest these rumours which are unbelievable. After all, we are still quite a few months away from the iPhone 15 Pro release. The emphasis now will be on the iPhone 14 series, and the iPhone 15 perhaps is still in the sketches. We need to wait for steadfast industry sources before in view of anything official.

Apple is by now preparing some immense changes with the iPhone 14 series. The new smartphones are coming with punch-hole displays and conceivably with under-display fingerprint scanners. Of course, right now everything is grounded on rumours, and we will need to wait for the announcement of this premium class iPhone 15 Pro. Nevertheless, the 2022 iPhones are already gearing up to carry huge changes since the iPhone X’s launch.

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